Reviews for Don't Do Anything Stupid - High Maintenance I
Chrisi chapter 57 . 6/25
Whoa! I'm so glad she was okay and they finally got together! I felt the end was a little rushed, but I'm assuming their relationship will continue in Jack's story since it's a sequel and will be where we left off? I love these characters and can't wait to read more :)
Lina chapter 57 . 6/24
What? Wasn't the end a little rushed? I wanted to see more of Clara and Theo in a relationship... :(
Anyway, it was a nice story!
Reader chapter 57 . 6/23
So happy to have so many chapters to catch up on. That was one heck of a roller coaster ride you took us on. I'm really impressed with this little story and definitely invested in the sequels. Can't wait for Jacks POV.
Chrisi chapter 55 . 6/17
OMG How can you end a chapter like that?! My heart stopped! I really really hope Lily is okay and those two stop assuming stuff about the other's feelings.
Lina chapter 55 . 6/16
WHAT!? Noooooooooooooo! Please no! :'(
Reader chapter 53 . 6/9
Woah! Had so much to catch up on. I'm so glad he is finally acknowledging his feelings for Clara. Just needs to take a leap of faith now.
Jaz108 chapter 49 . 5/13
Now Clara is really just being completely oblivious xD
Reader chapter 47 . 5/7
Woah! Theo needs to get his shit together. He really does know how to fuck things up royally. I hope Clara makes him stew a bit. Calling her stupid was a step too far. Also, because he loves cars so much, I think Theo needs a service. He's got some parts that need fixing lol.
Lina chapter 46 . 5/2
I feel like Theo is being a little selfish. He's missing moments with his daughter and all. I'm disappointed with him...
Reader chapter 44 . 4/20
Ooo. I'm not sure how I feel about that! I know she's drunk but Jack isn't. What happened to the bro code? Don't think Theo will like that one bit. Not sure if I do either. Morals people! Will it escalate? They're walking on thin ice me thinks.
Lina chapter 44 . 4/19
OH. MY. GOD. Did you already had this planned? :O I'm torn between feeling satisfied or worried... Ouch, poor Theo. D: Oh well, this will be interesting. xD I really can't wait for the next chapter! Please come back soon! :)
Lina chapter 43 . 4/18
I can't wait for next chapter then! I really like the story so far... :)
Reader chapter 43 . 4/14
I'm always reading! I love the direction of where this is going. Clara's on Theo's home turf now so I'm hoping she'll reach out to him more and we'll see more moments together *not so subtly elbows author*
Lina chapter 42 . 4/14
I want Clara to go out with someone! Why is Theo the only one who can to do that? :(
Reader chapter 41 . 4/7
Loving the progress so far! So glad Theos heads finally catching up with his heart. Do something to get your girl man! I can't wait to read more.
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