Reviews for Dead Girl Walking
good story chapter 1 . 1/12
good story but ur main character is kind of a douche bag she reminds me of me when I dont get enough breakfast to eat in the morning bcuz my mom is too busy crying over her dysfunctional husband to get out of bed and make me something
Faodail chapter 1 . 1/12
/slow clap/
Awesome story! Really liked your use of emotions with the interactions between characters. There was alot of mystery I wanted to know, like what actions made Charlotte feel as if her father didn't love her, how is she able to kill men of she is a ghost thing, is she actually killing people or is it more of a apparition of her internal conflict.

At the same time I kinda do not want the answers. It reminded me of an edgar allen poe writing style, in the sense that you get a snippet of these characters, with a little bit of morbid, and you dont get all your questions answered but the ending resolution is so satisfactory that you don't feel a loss at not knowing every detail. Fantastic story!