Reviews for Reading Between the Rosy Inked Lines
Jae Hwa chapter 1 . 1/13
Reading the first few sentences, my only thought was — wow, true. But when you're busy trying to stay alive, romance is the last thing on your mind, isn't it? I noticed a slight error, Japanese third years are 18, not 17. Maybe do a little research beforehand next time? :) You could shave off a few sentences, reread it again and maybe delete some sentences you think are too repetitive or unnecessary. It isn't a must, just a suggestion. :)

Also, it seems slightly weird to suddenly start describing yourself if you're writing in first person. A good strategy is by comparison or a reflection. That's the problem I don't like writing in first person, I have to be very practical with my descriptions. But I really how Kanari thinks, yes, the manga industry is due for some changes!

Your writing style reminds me of someone I used to admire. But she stopped writing when I started high school. :( Basically, completely wiped off social media. Anyways, I look forward to the next chapter!