Reviews for Operation: DCMYWL
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 2 . 2/15
I'm laughing at Amethyst here. She's so cute when she squirms. Oh, and I'd wager a guess that the screen didn't crack at all. But yeah, she's actually very, very feeble in strength despite how much she flails around.

Amethyst is going to get totally destroyed in there. Poor thing.
howling blood chapter 2 . 2/12
This chapter fun as hell! So much that I'm gonna reading Resident Evil Cage Match becasue of it. I was skeptical of reading Re Cage Match at first. I thought it was WWE version of Resident Evil Series. But seeing how exciting second chapter of Operation DCMYWL is. I would defintely read it.

Well coming back to this story I'm reviewing right now, the strong points are firstly characterization. This could be best seen from Audience reaction towards each character, description accompanying those characters (which I think was the best part) and each character reaction towards Rita Ryder the anchor of the show.

For exmaple Amethyst Blackqull is an anti-social jerk, Brutal Briton is a super-powered version of Pablo Escobar, Athena is a Idol who has to show her sweet side 24/7.

What makes this story even more exciting is that of the Rules of The Game. Each character will be paired each other and will fight zombies perhaps or even Hulk Hogan. I don't know. For completing each task along with bonus objectives would give the successful participants rewards like a grenade, machine gun or even a pie gun; well clowns find those weapons quite useful.

Commenting on Ranmaru and Soramaru I can't help but feel there's a Marvel Cinematic Universe feel to your story. You know this story isn't like a crossover where a character from one franchise meets characters from another franchise. After the storyline of that crossover ends they'll forget about each other. This would most likely happen at end of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

But in Marvel Cinematic universe on the other hand, not only the character from X franchise meets characters from franchise Y but they'll also remember each other after the story ends and would likely casually drop by to say hi for fan service.

Wow, that was a long review. Anyways regarding your question who the "lucky gentleman" that was paired with the "Chinese Idol"? I believe that would Chad Kaplan Jnr.
Amethyst Blackquill chapter 1 . 2/9
Not much to say here since it's just a start. Do you take request, though? That's what I'd like to know.

howling blood chapter 1 . 2/8
Oh, nice the announcer of Soul Calibur IV is in this story as well. I just Wikia it. His name is Dave Mallow. Personally, I personally preferred the narrator of Soul Calibur III whose name is Cazmo Lukrich.

I'm assuming the next chapter is going to be similar to Resident Evil Cage Match. Why I do get the vibe of the ending of Sean of The Dead or the beginning of Dead Rising 2. Where zombies in both stories were used as game show participants.
Jae Hwa chapter 1 . 2/7
Sounds interesting. I do miss fandom crack. Looking forward to the next chapter!