Reviews for Ever After
Guest chapter 6 . 3/20
You just keep ramping up the mystery. Nicely done.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 6 . 3/18
Aw, I love a good ol' Frankenstein! Though, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume this one is some kind of twisted spirit, maybe even a demon?

I think this needs more Fitz. He's probably my favourite changeling, apart from Lela and Chelle. I kinda wanna just tuck Lela under my arm and hide her, admittedly, 'cause she's so adorable... but Fitz is great. Comic relief at its finest, I swear.

As always, this was incredible, and I cannot wait for more!
Gespry-Locksley chapter 4 . 3/14
Sorry I haven't commented before now, my computer is in the shop. I love this chapter. The mystery deepens.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 5 . 3/11
Jealous Leon is adorable. In a I'm-gonna-kill-you-all kinda way, of course.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 4 . 3/6
Aw. I kinda wanna hug the Piper, and complain too. I dunno what I expected, but a withered old faerie wasn't it... this really was good as ever, maybe better because it was about Rush... 3 I'm looking forward to more.

Do you think you might go further into the Piper's history at some point? Him and Magnus, in particular?
Alouise Briggslay chapter 3 . 2/27
Oooh. Astral projection! Or, that's rather what it makes me think of. Some kind of out-of-body experience, which clearly sends them into the ghost plane. What's it called? The fourth something? I dunno, but this is awesome, as usual, and I rather like Madam Fairchild. I think this is gonna be my favourite book.
Gespry-Locksley chapter 3 . 2/22
It's nice to read more about the Farichild parents. I bet they have stories galore.
Gespry-Locksley chapter 2 . 2/22
Ooohhhh, The center sounds fascinating. The world you've created is wonderful. Seems like the stories could go on for ages and ages.
Gespry-Locksley chapter 1 . 2/22
I forgot to follow you is why I haven't commented. I'm loving this, can't wait to see how Maggie and the others get out.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 2 . 2/18
What a cruel spot to end!

Loved it, as always - and I adored the trap they walked into. More than anything, though, it impresses me the stuff you come up with, especially when it comes time for Rush to talk. He's riddles wrapped in mysteries and that must be a challenge to write at times.

Again, exceptional and I adored it and I cannot wait for more.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 1 . 2/9
Sorry - I didn't realise I wasn't signed in when I sent that message (I'm Guest... XD) But, I'm really glad to read the response. I dread this coming to an end, if I'm honest, so I'd definitely be pinning my hopes on both a prequel and another following the after-this... ;)

This was incredible, though! I love Leon right now, he's the perfect villain! Still no Rush, of course, but hey, bad guys rock. I thought for a bit that he might have turned them into those changelings that are like dolls (porcelain, did you call them?), but the vial ruined that image... this is definitely more evil.