Reviews for Ollie and his Gadgets
Vagrance chapter 1 . 3/2
A good, strong, convincing statement really grabbed my attention. Your effective use of the first person POV really brought out a sense of urgency.

Your style is witty, fluid and quirky. At times, it felt like Ollie was the stand-up comic reliving his misadventures from a distance. Sentences were easy to follow and the humour made what would’ve been a cliché situation into a refreshing experience.

Ollie comes across as a strong-willed kid who unfortunately does not have a body to match. I sense his curiosity will give him plenty of room to grow.

The conversation was funny and really showed a character. Ollie, despite his great intellects, clearly had a younger voice and came across as a school kid. Billie is interesting character and the way she presents herself in the conversation only deepens the mystery. Well done.
Silver Moone chapter 3 . 2/28
Oh, this is going to be interesting, and those bright green shorts... I can only imagine what kind of situations could arise from those :D Great work and very enjoyable story.
Silver Moone chapter 2 . 2/28
I was crying with laughter while reading this. The moosetache cracked me up, and that damn fitness instructor was perfectly portrayed as an annoying jackass. Looking forward to more \o/
Silver Moone chapter 1 . 2/28
I love this story! Your writing is great and seems very well suited to the age group you're aiming for. Your humour is, in my opinion, second to none. I can see elements of Pratchett-type humour.
I'm actually having some difficulty in thinking of any constructive criticisms to pass on, however, I'll keep reading and if I see anything, I'll let you know. Can't wait for more.