Reviews for Forgiveness
JewelDragon chapter 1 . 3/5
From my personal experience, it is much easier to forgive someone's wrongdoings if they are truly sorry for the things they have done and do their best to not do those things again. It is a shame to have the option to share with others the sad story of how someone you should be able to put your trust in has wronged you over and over again. When people get caught up in that one thing that someone did some odd years ago, I have to sit and laugh because they will never truly know the hardship of not being able to trust a loved one.
Woedin chapter 1 . 3/4
I see that which I was raised to believe, biblically laid out in your beautifully angelic, and thoughtful offering. "Turn the other cheek". "Forgive the sinner, but hate the sin". "Treat others, as we ourselves would wish to be treated". I know in my heart it's the way we are meant to be to those that fall short, as we all can in life. But even in that moment when I waver from the path, or question the veracity, and contrition of the vile, heinous actor. The fear I'm feeling, that such a person might again do harm. It all gets so magnified in my mind to think that good, and righteous people didn't stop it in the first place. I know the weakness resides in me in those moments, when I dare to ponder usurping God's judgement, with my own. Especially when we should all be looking at the true strength in what you are teaching us, with the resilience represented in your loving words, and deeds. I believe it is your strength that is meant to be the example for us all... bless your heart my friend, I truly admire you for making me wrestle with idea of what I thought I knew.