Reviews for City on the edge of Darkness
alexhu chapter 1 . 3/6/2018
Okay, I liked this, and one of the first things I've seen that I'd like to read more of so I'm going to give a follow! Cant wait to read more.

On to the good stuff - I think you have a knack for dialogue, and I'm pretty jealous about that. lol. I feel like the story flowed well, and the characters developed quite naturally. I enjoyed the names, quite a bit as well, except becky. But I think it suits her character, I already dislike her lol. Hate that you left it at a cliffhanger, but I suppose that's probably in your plan and it's just me wanting to continue reading lol. Overall i enjoyed it - I don't have much constructive criticism to offer at all, except that I was confused about the addition of making a rubbing of the inscription. It kind of felt like an afterthought and didn't seem pertinent to the story. HOWEVER, it may play a bigger role - so who knows. But that's the only thing that gave me pause, and it was a minimal thing.