Reviews for Paris Through My Eyes
alexhu chapter 1 . 3/6
I thought this was very good! You did great - no reason to be nervous - but I get it - I'm the same way lol.

The only constructive criticism I'd offer you is that as this is a stand-alone short story - I really didn't get the character development building between them. I think if you added a little bit more around their conversation, maybe touching on the things they talked about - why she would ask him to come with her to see Paris through her eyes. I mean, I get that he just moved there, but for all we know, as readers, he could have visited before or been familiar with it. Also the sense of adventure Walter gave Katherine didn't really translate. Maybe spending a bit more time on their adventure - again more character development in here - would translate really well and add more dimension to the story.

Now on to my favorite part - positive reinforcements - I thought your descriptions were fantastic and on point. It brought your story alive and I could see myself sitting on that bench, reading Wuthering Heights (also one of my favorites lol). I also really liked the last few sentences - that gave an interesting twist to the story that I didn't expect at all.

Overall, very well done! I hope you keep posting, would love to see more of your writing!
Eifos Enna chapter 1 . 3/6
That was very beautiful. Loved the twist at the end. And your descriptions are really, really good. :)
No need to be nervous about posting. :)