Reviews for Sold
EstrellaGrace chapter 25 . 12/3/2020
okay awwwwe. I'm happy with the ending, but I wish you woulda dragged out the Elizabeth/Addie thing a lot more because that could have been so good! I feel like you tossed a ball to yourself, but you missed the catch and it hit you in the face and now you have a black eye. I've loved this story so thank you so much for being alive and able-minded.
EstrellaGrace chapter 21 . 12/3/2020
Oh oh oh you naughty dog. You make the readers think that this is the happy ending, huh. I see riiiiight through you. It took my much longer, embarrassingly, to figure just who Addie is and I look forward to reading that confusion. How will Davina react to being in love with her mom's past love? You spoil meee
EstrellaGrace chapter 17 . 12/2/2020
Brother, this is such an amazing story. I have NEVER liked a lesbian romance before, but the summary for this was was just calling to me. I gave in and clicked and I do NOT regret it. The long paragraphs get very testy and I sometimes opt out, but everything else I absolutely read and love. You tried to make Vivienne look like a misunderstood villain who had the best intentions, but I do not buy it. That does not explain why Vivenne beat the crap outta Davina and why she made Davina limitless. The lack of sympathy for what Davina went through with the super rich guy is a clear indicator that Vivienne is not the good intentioned parent that she thinks herself to be. Love u, ciao
Iona Albuquerque chapter 25 . 1/18/2020
Now, I typically read fluffier, safer stuff. This story is definitely not that. The story has tragic moments, disgusting moments, cringeworthy moments, the whole lot. It is an emotional rollercoaster. But through all of that Davina goes so far as a person and, only at the very end, does she make the right choice. Not a black and white choice either, no one is perfect in this story. Not Adrienne, not Davina, and certainly not Vivienne, but no one is wholly evil either. Each and every one of these women have been a victim of something absolutely terrible and undeserved.

It is definitely weird, it is definitely all sorts of taboo, and there are moments that are absolutely dehumanizing, but all that just amplifies the journey. I had a few happy tears at the very end, this story got me lol. I'd love to see what happens next, whether its yet another emotional rollercoaster of relapse, adjustment, tension, lies, and revenge, or a shameless fluffy extended happy ending.