Reviews for Requiem
Ckh chapter 1 . 3/15/2018
I'm not sure why I am reviewing this instead of studying for my common tests. Maybe its because you are a Singaporean like me, or maybe I used to go under a similar nickname for my facebook accoount. Well, whatever.

I like the fluidity of this poem. The transitions between and in stanzas are smooth and I felt like I was reading something that comes together. There are some good lines here like "white darkness..." that invoke images of humans exploiting nature; The "We" stanza feels reminiscent of Singapore as well - its a general rule of thumb that Singaporeans writers do talk about Singapore, indirectly or directly, after all.

If there is any critique I can give, its that I would actually prefer it if your first words of every stanza after fate were not capitalized. I dunno, it just looks jarring and breaks the flow of reading a bit. The absence of capitalization might actually enhance the theme of humans being cold and neglecting nature, though it might be just my opinion.

Overall, a solid poem, especially for a poem written outside of your comfort zone.