Reviews for Celestis
Avery5899 chapter 1 . 10/9/2018
Avery was here
StevenMT chapter 6 . 5/11/2018
Disclaimer: This is actually feedback on the whole story so far.

I think the story is developing very well so far with the progression that is seen in Akyla. Her curiosity is well-balanced with her struggles against emotion. I like the chemistry between Akyla and Theran, but I'm interested to see what may develop with Theran's siblings; for instance, what do they know or how do they see life in Celeste.

Revealing the major plot points come at just the right time such as the journal from Akyla's mother, how emotions are perceived in daily life, and the book that Theran picks out in the library. I do wonder how often to use the found note or hidden piece of paper in her mother's room should be used the story. It makes sense that Yvaine would have left any traces behind in that room, but too many things becomes suspicious (how is it that no one else found all of these hidden traces?).

The revelation about Earth not having much history past a certain point is great, especially as Akyla tries to understand the strange facts about her mother's life such as the peculiar clothes or her fondness for someone with the unusual name of Kyle.

The things that I am excited for are the development of Akyla's learning about the past through her own curiosity as well as Theran's, what happened to wipe the memories from the first settlers of the planet, and if there are others who are secretly suspicious of the origins of the people.

One other thing: with Akyla being 22, how long does schooling last on Celeste? Also, if her mother's death happened when she was 3 (Chapter 1) and Akyla is 22 now, how was it 13 years ago as she mentions to Theran (Chapter 5)?
Nellybell515 chapter 1 . 5/8/2018
WOW! Great story so far.