Reviews for The Continuance
Yay chapter 2 . 11/16/2023
I come back to this story from time to time just because I loved it so much and like to reread the chapters that were up and I cannot describe the whiplash I got by seeing it had updated I’m honestly so elated! I love the direction this is going now!
Guest chapter 2 . 11/16/2023
Pls update!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/8/2023
I want to read this. And review. But I don’t think I will u till u get a bunch of chapters up cuz like gawddddd the hiatus killed me the first time round.
LiterallyX id just sit around checking and rechecking this site and nothing
Guest chapter 1 . 9/8/2023
It’s back omg. But did u take it down again what: I’m seeing people comment on ch 14
But there are only 2 chapters
Guest chapter 2 . 7/13/2023
Please update, don’t let us hang here so long.
Polly chapter 2 . 6/29/2023
Hoping to see more of this new version! And interested to see how similar/different their characters are!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/21/2023
This is really good, glad to see you back!
When do we see more of the story?
Carol chapter 14 . 6/16/2023
Yay! You’re updating again! I’m excited to see how this new version develops. Great work!
Guest chapter 14 . 6/15/2023
Omg omg omg you’re back!
It was sooooo worth it coming back regularly to check for updates, love it!

I hope you’re ok, thanks for not abandoning is with this magnificent story. Looking forward to read more!
Guest chapter 14 . 6/10/2023
I revisit this from time to time hoping it’s been updated ️ hope that one day you come back!
Guest chapter 14 . 2/16/2023
Any chance for an update? :)
knockmeoffmyfeet chapter 1 . 7/3/2022
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P chapter 14 . 6/10/2022
Loving this story! I hope you update really soon! I can’t wait to see their relationship develop further.
3 chapter 14 . 4/10/2022
Come back :’(
pingping chapter 14 . 10/21/2021
Not sure if you're ever going to update again, but I hope you do :) and I hope you're well :)
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