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CrossPaladin chapter 4 . 6/26
[[The two of them were shooting daggers at each other with their eyes]]. The last part of that statement, "with their eyes" is unnecessary. The term "shooting daggers" already refers to their eyes.

[["While you attend this academy, I, Mistress Daiki, is of the highest authority...]]. That "is" should be "am".

1.) Wow, bleach girl jumped from "Give me" to straight up rape. That's the second fastest I've seen that jump in any story. Kudos.

2.) Sachi-chan was all over that. She literally sliced two girls throats? Unless Nebula Tissue make you a little more superhuman (I'd assume so, otherwise death would be an absolute), a slashed throat should have killed those girls, no problem. Being superhuman doesn't really stop you from drowning in your own blood, sadly.

3.) Tachyon. Nice. You don't meet a lot of people who know just what Tachyon is, or how it works. I appreciate an author who does a little research.

4.) I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter, but Sachi's hair (silver on top and black on bottom) is a firm reminder that she's an anime protagonist. (Just give her some cards and she'd fit in Yu-gi-oh, HAHA!)

5.) Composed Fibril is capitalized...but what are they? Obviously fibers of some kind required to form the contract...but what makes them special?
CrossPaladin chapter 3 . 6/26 after that action packed opening, we get to the actual opening of this tale. Let's start out with what we've got, alright...

1.) Starting our tale with the main character asleep on a train. Admittedly, cliche...but, it's easier to start up everything since the audience has basically "awoken" to the story as well. So I'll give it a pass.

2.) The name of the academy is rather awkward. "Essentia Japan Academy". While Essentia Academy (or heck, just Essentia) sounds more natural, the "Japan" in the middle implies that it's not the only facility of its type. But then, wouldn't it be easier to call it Essentia Academy, Japanese Branch or "Japan's Essentia?" All I'm saying is that is sounds awkward on the tongue.

3.) I can think of a reason why men can't use the Nebula tissue. The author just really loves strong women (and who doesn't) and it made for a more fanservice laden story (nothing wrong with that, hahaha!) with that, in Levia-chan's words, "Super hot yuri-yuri action".

4.) "Sachi" can mean "Luck". Clearly not too lucky if her last Coordinator bit the dust, eh? Haha!

5.) Was honestly expecting Uli to throw a punch. Props for not showing off the action in the first chapter.

Consider me intrigued. I'll continue to keep reading.
CrossPaladin chapter 2 . 6/26

Now this is a story I can get behind! I've always enjoyed those "Teams of heroes fight together idea" like Soul Eater. It provides a nice contrast between those who have the power, and those who control the power.

And a Yuri Action High School novella? I'm in it! Hahaha! I hope it doesn't disappoint. Many tales have gone this route and failed.
lirianstar chapter 3 . 6/18
Oh no. I was afraid of that :-(

I wonder what the future holds for Sachika. Will she open up to a new Contract?
lirianstar chapter 2 . 6/18
Okay! I recall a bit now :D

Nicely done - and the gore is so, so real. The previous part definitely is helpful here. Is this a glimpse of the future...or of the past?
lirianstar chapter 1 . 6/18
I'll admit, this is interesting. A map to help understand and link the upcoming battles?

I'll read on.
JaDeCe chapter 11 . 6/11
Thats got to be hard. To grow up and close with people then one day lose them to a horrific war.

And here i thought these were regular degular monsters, but its literally an army of them. Where are they from and how did this start?

I hope our girls can put an end to this war before too many lives are lost.

Oh gosh the feelings. Its cute
JaDeCe chapter 9 . 6/11
I admire the cast of young ladies you have created. All of them have found a special place in my heart. Look at me over here gushing.

Anyway, with the description and on point action, i was enthralled in the chapter which had me cringing at parts. Im glad that they all made it ao far.

And the mystery of these creatures persists. Thats a scary quality that the monsters posses. Shit.
JaDeCe chapter 7 . 6/10

Aiko and Sachika are destined to be together. Im rooting for it. And Aiko come off as innocent, but fierce and more over a virgin. I wonder did she even read the mood right. Their relationship is going to be funny and cute.

Well let me delve into whats happening at this end here.

Good chapter friend
Kahoruko711 chapter 3 . 5/28
I was wondering about this school the girls are attending. Is it going to be like a college dorm or something? How old are these girls? Judging by the summary, the invasion of the Nebula occurred 15 years ago. So, does that mean the female cast are all 15 years old? Or maybe they are college aged like 17-19? I hope that is the case because I don't think I would handle a child getting mutilated by those vicious aliens.

The three gal pals sound like a nice dynamic group, though, I can't help but feel like one of them will become a traitor in the future.

Anyway, this is a nice set up chapter. Not much to critique. Nice work.
Kahoruko711 chapter 2 . 5/28
Sorry for the late review. I've been busy with things and such. Again the prologue is intesne and

So apparently, I messed up. I reviewed the references when I should have posted the review for chapter 2. Don't know how the heck that happened but I just wanted to clarify.

The terms and references just fly by me, so, I would have to go back to it a later date with fresh mind and eyes. Again, solidly intense prolouge. Good job with that.
Datathee chapter 5 . 5/9
Have the other students been punished as well? That punishment is unfair. It didn't fit the crime. Sachika helped save Aiko from demented probably frustrated girls.

Ashina is intriguing. Judging by Sachika's reaction to her presence, it seems Ashina is someone that Aiko will have to be careful around. In the future, I expect their paths will intersect and it might not be pretty.

So the Blood Contract isn't something to toy with. I kinda want to see what would happen if the Coordinator and Familiar hated each other's guts.

When it comes to the Blood Contract were you inspired by the Greeks or Spartans? I could be wrong but I think the Spartans at least encouraged relationships between soldiers to strengthen their bonds.
Kahoruko711 chapter 1 . 4/25
Whoa, talk about an intense prologue. I wasn't expecting to step right into the carnage and mayhem of the war. It does look interesting so far though. But, I didn't like how short it was, because I was starting to get into it, lol. Other than that, this looks like something promising. Keep up the good work.

I'm also into yuri, so, that's a big plus there! I'll be keeping an eye on Aiko and Sachi, if they are meant to be the desitned couple.
JaDeCe chapter 4 . 4/23
So this school... Are the girls teenagers or there isn't a age requirement here? Its for all ages because some of them seem older and most seem like children.

Aiko baby. You only have b-cups. Try having d then you can feel uncomfortable. You barely have breast baby.

Now im a little nervous for whats going to happen in the next few days. Aiko is already traumatized. Im scared for what will happen but im ready to read it.
JaDeCe chapter 3 . 4/23
Oh... Muh god.

Girl, i was 5 seconds from throwing my phone across the room. These bitches really tried it (excuse the profanity if that bothers). Seeing Aiko in that vulnerable state made me just wanna jump into the story and fight those broads off my damn self.

Sachika is now my favorite. Im glad she beat they ass, but im sad that they didnt die. So, im assuming attacks like that dont kill the familiars. Just hinder them.

Ooo girl action. Im all for it. Im still learning more about essence so that flash stepping has a name. Are the familiars the only ones who are able to do it? Are the familiars the only ones that fight? Guess i gotta find out by reading it.

Good chapter by the way.
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