Reviews for Through My Eyes
Shadowgate chapter 7 . 8/12
This reminds me a little bit of my psychology class I took in college. I'm happy to learn the meaning of oneirology. My mom collected a bunch of books on dreams when I was a kid. I believe dreams are fake visions while our bodies recover from exhaustion.
Shadowgate chapter 6 . 8/12
I recall reading the play The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar in English Class. Later I read in history class that Mark Anthony had actually killed him but unlike in the play he was an ally.
Annushka chapter 62 . 5/13
As Heraclitus said, "You cannot enter the same river twice". Maybe really we could touch ourselves in the past or future. I remembered the movie 'Back to the Future'. They could touch and communicate with each other there. Or maybe time doesn't exist at all and we have parallel worlds? It can explain traveling in our dreams.
Renulen chapter 62 . 5/12
Very interesting.
Annushka chapter 60 . 5/10
I am glad time is changing and women have a right to choose where they want to work, if they can date with a guy they like or marry a person they love. I think some women still will hesitate and think about what parents or close people will say. It's about women's rights - it connects with religion, beliefs, education, and self-love. I also like to think a man is a head and a woman is a neck and a neck should be flexible. A man thinks and suggests and a woman decides. Nowadays everything is mixed up maybe it's old-fashioned now.
Annushka chapter 49 . 5/10
What is humanity's goal? I had to ask myself and think.
Looking at the history of humanity we can compare us and people 100 or 1000 years ago. The main thing is our development as a humanity. Maybe some scientists think that our evolution has stopped but now we develop our brain and body in our possibilities to raise our vibrations and the vibrations of our planet. Maybe we all will start communication in a different way - read minds, levitation, teleportation, and other things. And when we develop ourselves at the really high level we shall be able to create a world which we want to see. The next part is happiness and joy in everything that we created. We shall be able to live a long happy healthy life full of things which we really want to see around us.
The aim is powerful human civilization, experience which goes through generations, find more sources and places for living.
I hope it doesn't sound like Utopia and everything will go naturally and will not look like artificial plain reality.
Renulen chapter 60 . 5/10
I can agree with this, the woman in your life ALWAYS has the final say.

For any man, there are only two women in their life that they will truely fear. First their mother, then their wife
Renulen chapter 59 . 5/9
I agree with this completely. I actually learned this while being home schooled.
Annushka chapter 40 . 5/9
Love is a two-way street and it's a kind of job. It's not enough to fly in the pink clouds and dream about things which are in our imagination. Love needs to be looked after. Love will start with trust and friendship, Passion will go one day but love grown on stronger basic will change from one kind of love to another. And it will never finish. Sometimes I watch very old people who love each other, help and still walk together talking and holding their hands. It's so sweet. I am sure every person dreams about such a relationship. Love has to start with self-love. When a person loves himself/herself enough he or she will be able to give it to another person naturally. Love is not in our imagination we should love a real person with all his or her advantages and disadvantages.
I like this equate by Osho: "When 2 mature people love, they are so together that they are almost one. But their unity does not destroy their individuality: they become more individual together. Two mature people in love help each other become more free". I wish everybody a true and sincere love.
Annushka chapter 58 . 5/8
They are interesting thoughts. And they make me think as well. Some people can read someone's feelings. You can come to a person and you can feel his or her mood. We can feel strong emotions around - panic, excitement, happiness. We can feel them more when we are with many people around - like at the football stadium, concert or another place where there are a lot of people and they have the same feelings or emotions. I think all thoughts are flying around us and it's like information field. And we can get (read) information if we learn how to do it. Some people who are gifted they might read your thoughts. When we sleep our mind is free and we can connect to this information field easier. Maybe inventors think so hard sometimes and they want to know it so much that they are able to connect to the Universe information field and get all the information they wish to know.
Renulen chapter 58 . 5/8
This does give me something to think about.
Annushka chapter 21 . 5/7
I agree with you. My TV looks like a decoration at home and I use it only to listen to the Portuguese language. And less news I listen better I feel. I really don't want to listen about all disasters and scandals people talk about. If I can help somebody I know I will be happy to do it, and I can't help the whole world. Happiness is when you and the people around you are happy. And as I believe our thoughts attract our reality it will be better if I think about something nice. Positive thinking is one of the things I can help others to feel better.
Annushka chapter 56 . 5/6
I wonder if the whole world is a holographic picture we imagine and create. If all people and events are created by us and our imagination? If there's an emptiness and darkness at the place where we can't see? And with our own brain and eyes like a lens we create our reality.
Renulen chapter 56 . 5/6
To quote Bender, "I guess reality is what you make it."
Annushka chapter 19 . 5/6
Yes, we can start changes at any time of the year. Why wait till next Monday or the New Year? I think most people are just lazy or they just don't want any changes. It's ok like it is. Yes, when you want a car you have to be ready to look after it and pay for its service. It's the same for finding a partner, creating a family, making friends, buying a big house. If you are not ready to invest time for them then why do you need to start? In our dreams we want changes but in reality we might not be ready for them. We need to choose what we really want to do and think about what will happen after we have it. Such important decisions make us really grown up. It's important to find some time for yourself and some people are comfortable enough to be on their own. The question is - are you ready to do what you really want to do or you will do what other people are waiting from you?
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