Reviews for The Unknown Alchemist
silverstone2828 chapter 37 . 8/12
This is a heartbreaking chapter, but I’m glad to have read it. Thank you for writing such a great story!
MrCuddels chapter 32 . 7/28
Amazing story with excellent world building. Looking forward to the big reveal.
silverstone2828 chapter 31 . 7/22
Thank you for continuing this awesome story! When all the details and explanations come out, this will be so satisfying.

I really enjoyed this chapter—it is compelling. Your action writing is so well done that I can see the scenes and am caught up in them.
Alicia chapter 29 . 7/19
This is a fantastic piece of writing and I am looking forward to the next chapter with baited breath. A gripping tale that I am desperate to know how it started and how it ends!
I look forward to the future chapters!
cardfan99 chapter 28 . 7/15
I'm thoroughly enjoying the world that you are building and the characters you are sharing with us. I appreciate the pacing and the way you are revealing this world to us. I am also really loving the characters, and seeing how they are braided together where none are without weakness, but their strengths bolster each other up. I look forward to learning more about them and seeing them content to grow individually and together, and seeing how your narrative will continue to provide hints to help unravel the mysteries surrounding Avery's past.
silverstone2828 chapter 27 . 7/9
I loved this chapter for so many reasons. It must be nearly impossible for Roedin to keep the fact that Avery is his mate from her yet still be around her, but he does. And poor, poor Avery. I hope her willingness to seek comfort from her emotional storm from Roedin is a sign that she is very slowly learning to trust him as a person who happens to be male.

Thanks for writing this story!
Guest chapter 26 . 7/5
Oh, this chapter is delicious. Thanks!

Avery istruly coming into her own and I admire her for it. I’m anxious to see her reaction when she regains consciousness in the cabin, though.
silverstone2828 chapter 24 . 6/28
Really awesome; thanks! You are very good at character exposure. I find them to be believable and enjoyable to watch, each in his or her own way.
FollowTheReader chapter 1 . 6/27
I love your story! So different, unpredictable- not the same old storylines. Congratulations on a great story- looking forward to reading more!
KM chapter 9 . 5/5
this is really great! I love the slow disclosure of details. I'm really impressed with this world you have created. I can tell you really put a lot of thought into it before you even began to write! Keep up the good work:)
mandywhitrod chapter 4 . 4/19
I've just read the first 4 chapters and am looking forward to the next