Reviews for The Human Machine
iprune chapter 13 . 9/9/2018
Wow what a story, this js awesome!
The build up with Jim and the Digital was pretty good, a solid idea that a few stories have been based on already but what a twist into the post-apocalyptic! That was a brilliant idea with a lot of potential imo, Im really looking forward to the rest of this story, i feel like you could honestly write a novel about this, i for sure would buy it!
Thanks and keep up the good work!
Thora Dorn chapter 13 . 9/2/2018
Another great episode! Just a few corrections for you:

Paragraph 8, line 1 "Johns own group..." should be "John's..."
Paragraph 33: "Himself and..." should be "He and..."
You have consistently used "hoard" for the large group of monsters throughout. Hoard is a verb that means to amass something or a large pile of something, usually treasure. Horde means a large group of individuals. So you need to go through the chapter and correct it. Hoard horde, hoards hordes and in one case (para. 22) hoards horde's (possessive).
Thora Dorn chapter 8 . 6/16/2018
Awesome, just what I've come to expect from you.

Here are the grammatical/spelling errors I noticed:

Human Machine, Chapter 8

Paragraph 32: “populous” should be spelled “populace.”

Paragraph 58: “…data to try form…” should be “…data to try to form…”

Paragraph 75: “Ton’s” should be “Tons.”

Paragraph 107: “thatch” should be “thatched.”

Paragraph 111: “worse” should read “worst.”

Paragraph 131: “lands” should be “land’s.”

Paragraph 165: “it’s back” should be “its back.” “the creatures back” should be “the creature’s back.” “it’s pawed feet” should be “its pawed feet.” Most grammar/spellcheck packages have difficulty with these words, so you really have to watch them. “It’s” always means “it is” and “its” is always the possessive form.

Paragraph 166: “it’s head” should be “its head.” “it’s singed..” should be “its singed…”

Paragraph 167: “…the creatures arm…” should be “…the creature’s arm…” “the creatures head… should be “…the creature’s head…”