Reviews for Beautiful
Woedin chapter 1 . 2/21
~A truly thoughtful, and poignant poem, you do inspire~

What is it in her nakedness, that so entices?
From the curve of her hips,
and her plump pouting lips.
What is in her thoughts, longing recognition?
Her thin and firm waist,
lustful look on her face.
What is the truth, behind her self expression?
Those impeccable thighs,
and emerald green eyes.
So many tears she has shed, who made her cry?
Her long flowing hair,
and come hither stare.
What reality is it, that dwells in her heart?
Her soft silky hands,
sexy way that she stands.
What is she standing up to, that instills fear?
Those dainty small feet,
the rose blush on her cheek.
What sorrow does she hide away, in her soul?
Her slender young neck,
without blemish or speck.
What delusions of perfection are foist upon her?
Her intoxicating breasts,
that leave all men impressed.
What is the stress hiden in her hurried breath?
That arch in her back,
all faults she does lack.
Why've we made her an instrument, forced to be played?
Her true beauty lies, in mental reflection,
and not illusions, of social projection.

~Fond thoughts always~