Reviews for Immunity: Part I
Guest chapter 5 . 6/14
i love this so much lol
theSwanMaiden chapter 6 . 6/14
I read these chapters on AO3 because I read everything there but I think I'll keep commenting over here so that it's not too confusing lol. (I'm so glad you uploaded onto ao3 tho, I was wondering if you would)

Ahh there are sooo many things to say about this chapter but first of all lemme just say how happy I am that you updated! :D and double chapters? What did we do to deserve such a blessing!

Okay, this chapter showed me things about Micah that I got hints of before but it was really kind of prevalent in the undertones here. He's cold, yes, but he's not very cold. There's a degree of kindness/tenderness within him that he doesn't allow himself to feel, show, or acknowledge very often I think. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but that's the vibe I'm getting and I love it.

I love that we got to touch a bit more on Magic, and that there's light and dark magic in this world apparently. Shady shady things. I'm a lot more cautious of it now that Josiah explicitly DOESNT want Ezra messing around with it. Should Ezra pursue finding/gaining it? No. Do I want him to do it anyway? That remains to be seen.

Another shady thing; that headache. Could never be good. Shady three ways to Sunday and it's gonna come back to bite I'm sure.

Loved that whole dinner scene! And the infirmary scene too. Bossy Uncle be Bossy.
theSwanMaiden chapter 5 . 6/14
Wow wow wow

The intrigue thickens. I knew ember gave off evil queen vibes but damn. Ezra is finally in the capital and he's also at the academy, fun times ahead.

That last josiah-Ezra convo at the end gave me feels :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/3
I'm here because I'm a super massive fan of your Death of Today fanfiction and I needed to get some more of your writing to fill the void!
I struggled through the first chapter to be honest, because I thought you had so much content and lingo in it, that I couldn't really focus on what was actually going on until the scene at the end (which was awesome). If there was some way you could tone back the onslaught of new world building or explain it a bit more gently that would be perfect
AlexV chapter 4 . 6/2
It’s certainly very much like death of today. I wonder about the specifics of the bond with one’s Chosen... if Ezra increases Josiah’s power, but it doesn’t work the other way, isn’t he destinied to always be at a disadvantage in their relationship? It’s quite sad. Also, is the non-Elemental magic significant to the plot? Can anyone learn it?
Anyway, thrilling story and thanks for the update!
You’re great, I really admire you and your work!
Ageing in time chapter 4 . 6/1
Holy smokes this is amazing! I have a feeling Ezra's little gift of absorbing others pain is going to be a huge thorn in Josiah's side for a while! He'll be a tough one to crack, surely. Can't wait for your update, hoping it's soon. Wonderful writing
casandrahd chapter 4 . 6/2
Interesting chapter, especially to establish the foundations of the future. I think Josiah finally left Idris alive, but I doubt he will voluntarily tell Ezra, at least not without something in return, in these things he reminds me of Riddle and I think he would also act in the same way, although I know they are different characters

Personally, I think Ezra is under the influence of his mother, and although Ezra knows that there is some truth in that, he does not know to what extent. Josiah is right, children are very influential and I think that's why he let him go or did not get it back when he found him, because he wanted him to become his own man and not something that would be like a doll made in his likeness. I wanted someone to challenge him, a partner with all his letters, not someone to follow him blindly, at least that's how I see him, although I may be wrong.

Healing is certainly a problem, I do not think Ezra will cure everyone, but he has shown that those who win his heart get a valuable ally, which can sometimes be harmful to him. Help them ... yes, at the cost of their lives ... definitely not. I hope the healer will finally help you with that.

I could not help but notice that once again Ezra is underestimated. There has been talk of children born between elementary on both sides and as they end, none of the options really fits Ezra, although of course it is normal that this underestimation occurs if there has never been a case like yours. I believe that even Ezra himself, following his mother, has been underestimated. Being in the academy will definitely help you with that. I think the only one who can get an idea that Ezra is not as "weak" as they paint him is Josiah. And speaking of this one (Josiah), I think that's why, being his destined partner, that he can not be just someone capable of passing the pain and hurt of others to himself, someone as special as Josiah needs a companion, I do not say at his level, but someone capable of being at his side without his shadow overshadowing him. Someone worthy of him.

I wonder if Micah already has the eyes of his characteristic color and if this will give him away. I do not know to what extent people remember the lost son of the King or if even Calder has more children to deal with or if he has done something to try to find Ezra.

It has been a pleasure to read you, I always look at my email to see if there is an update and seeing it has made my day very happy. Thank you!
theSwanMaiden chapter 4 . 6/1
Loved the little Ezra-Josiah interaction at the end! Ember is a riot oml, 4 chapters in and I can already tell lol. Micah's ability is dope but so disadvantageous in certain ways like bruv, don't do it. Please. I love you. Haha.

I'm super intrigued in the direction this is going. I'm wondering if Calder will be someone we'll like or someone we'll hate along with Micah. Can't wait to see the academy.

Super glad you updated! :)
my oh mighty chapter 4 . 6/1
I feel as though I've been waiting not so patiently for this lol! But you certainly didn't disappoint. I'm so excited to truly get into the story with the manipulatations and the cheeky comments and the slow burn unfolding. Everything I love that you write time and time again! I'm certain we're only getting a small taste of Micah/Ezra's defiance at the time being. Can't wait for the next chapter, hopefully it's next week rather than the one after *wink wink* THANKYOU
pfft chapter 3 . 5/28
This is really good, so far.
AlexV chapter 3 . 5/27
great story! I’m looking forward to Ezra and Josiah’s interactions and I hope for them to be just as thrilling as Izar and Voldemort’s. Although I’m a little bit worried about Josiah... he’s even creepier than Voldemort, and he’s Ezra’s uncle sooo I guess their relationship is going to be pretty disturbing :,)
Helllo its me chapter 1 . 5/25
Next chapter , next chapter , next chapter , next chapter !
Luce chapter 3 . 5/25
Next chapter please ! Am hooked :)
jee90 chapter 3 . 5/25
I was soooo excited to read your story here and I already can't wait for more! :)
I read all your stories on and I really love your writing style. I'm especially looking forward to all the tension and mind games between Micah (Ezra) and Josiah!
mar chapter 3 . 5/21
What a way to court your chosen one, killing his mentor with excessed cruelty right in front of him. Go, Josiah! You sure you wanna get in his pants or do you just want your eyes gouged out, man
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