Reviews for Immunity: Part I
Jungyaku chapter 12 . 7/23
Poor Wayde, he was quite likeable :/
azsiam chapter 12 . 7/22
Aww I really like this story...I have it set on my email when u update too I'm not sure what ao3 is I really love how you wright and this story has me looking forward to the next update!
chibikodo chapter 12 . 7/22
Aw, I have this story set to receive emailed updates while I have yet to create an ao3 account. Oh well if it makes more sense for you then I will have to keep a better eye on checking for ao3 updates.

That said, I can absolutely believe Josiah is jealous and possive and he doesn't want anyone, Sachiel or otherwise, touching what is his.

I can't say I am too surprised by how everything played out. Ezra definitely takes on more responsibility than I would imagine most folks would for the actions of his own team members. It's not like he wasn't able to deduce who would be weak, but I suppose they did underestimate everything. Surprising though that the little rebellion they were sent to take care of was so quickly squashed.
chibikodo chapter 11 . 7/20
Bah those bums will get a smackdown for failing to perform well before school leadership I'm sure. And perhaps Talia was right about Kai getting one up on Ezra in the pissing contest, but we can't go around making enemies.

Now I can't help but wonder if this Terran government will influence how things develop in some way in the future..
Arodoet chapter 11 . 7/20
Interludes are interesting in their on way, and this chapter answered some questions I had since the beginning, about Earth and Air countries. It would be really cool if Micah managed to travel to them. (Josiah probably did) He probably isn't going to stay in the Academy much longer, anyway, what with the attention he is already just need someone loyal to Calder and who knew him as a kid to recognize him and BAM.
It surprises me the nobles haven't used their powers yet. Do most of them possess elemental power or only a selected few families? It will be quite interesting when they try using it on Micah only for him to come unscratched. It absolutely needs to happen
casandrahd chapter 10 . 7/17
I think Aiden did quite well under the circumstances, Kai was not an easy opponent and almost reached the final tournament, that speaks very well of him, considering who trained Kai and the rest of his teammates, which I'm sure who had more resources than him. I understand his displeasure at how Kai treated him and that he wanted a personal revenge, but at this moment Keegan is right, the only one capable of standing up to the Igni to face him is Micah.

I think Kai is partly right that the question is to choose a strong team, but on the other hand they are there to be trained, which means that not because they are not the strongest now they can not be trained in the future, besides Keegan he has something hard to find between the rivalry of an academy, loyalty. Although I recognize that at the beginning will be a drag, the weak link in the chain.

I think Kai did not choose Nereus because he knew that it would be a source of conflict with Micah, and that Sachiel's insinuations suggest that it is a bad influence for Kai, maybe Kai recognizes him in a certain way. Regarding Talia I consider her a very good choice, she has proven to be better than many men, even if they do not want to recognize him, and will be a key player, I think, in the team. But it's nice to see how the rest is surprised, thinking perhaps that no one would want her on their team, surely if Micah had not chosen her it would have ended up being like that, ending up in a team where it was not accepted.

I had a lot of fun reading the part where Kai chooses Micah, I did not expect it at all, I thought that they were really going to end up in separate teams, but then as I continued reading I realized Sachiel's trick. It makes sense that he should notice, give advice, to his disciple. Kai may not yet understand what is so important in Micah, but he knows there is something, a desert rat does not have his skills, he does not fight like him, and that, coupled with what Sachiel told him, makes him have to be with him, see what is so important I, being the disciple of Sachiel and seeing that there is a camaraderie among them, would have paid attention to her, because surely Kai knows how clever Sachiel is and that he does not stitch without thread.

Everything that Sachiel says to Micah makes a lot of sense, you have to always see the two parts. Ezra has grown up just seeing one and the other through a dark and distorted lens, you always have to give an opportunity, although in spite of everything fight for the rights Igni. I think that both Josiah and Micah, although they fight like Igni are somewhat more ruthless, play with their opponent as Sachiel says. Perhaps the Igni's form of struggle is aggressive but not so calculated and ruthless.

Clarence is hurt, not only by the loss of a member, but also by Josiah's attention, I'm not sure what the story behind him is, but messing with Ezra is going to hurt him a lot, in the end Josiah will find out.

See you soon :)
chibikodo chapter 10 . 7/13
Hmm another side plot with political scheming involving this Clarence guy.. and Ezra is playing with something that may burn him. Of course I can't help but wonder if he will be anle to manipulate Sachiel, or will he be played? Then again we'll have to wait and see what Josiah does I guess..
Arodoet chapter 10 . 7/13
I'm foreseeing Sachiel's death by Josiah's hands, if he continues being /close/ to Mica. What about not being with students, anyway?
Where are your morals, man? (joking)
I think a good team is not only about people with skills, but also about people you can trust, so Keegan is a very good choice, indeed, and I think he would still be loyal to Micah even if he discovered he is Ezra (and boy, am I looking forward to that)

And let the (almost) assassinations attempts begin.
casandrahd chapter 9 . 7/12
Hello, I know I owe you a comment from the previous chapter, but I decided to leave you this week before you publish the next chapter. I have to say that I have several chapters that every time you publish one I like more than the previous one. This one I loved, really, had everything and a long chapter, I died of love. THANK YOU.

Josiah is a total cheat, to do that to poor keegan, but I understand why he did it.

He asked me if Josiah has not tried to influence Micah where his headaches come from. I have come to think that maybe he does not try to influence him, but he does read his mind or that the magic that Josiah projects brings him that sensation. I know I'm far from guessing, but I keep trying, maybe later with more clues ... My most bizarre theory is that Micah's mother did something to him when he was little that provokes that reaction, I do not know how to explain it, like an allergy or something that makes you want to avoid it, so in the future make sure that there is no possible relationship between the two of them.

With regard to Sachiel, I was amused to read what Micah proposed, to keep him entertained and with his interest intact to avoid saying something he should not. I must admit that I was surprised that Josiah will talk about Sachiel knowing who Micah is, but it makes sense and I think it's better for the story as well.

As I read the story, I always thought that maybe Erza had a brother, but to be honest I never thought I would have one nearly her age. I am sure that it will have an important role in the story and by Josiah's description of the golden cage I imagine that it embodies all the values / defects that Micah hates. I wonder if Erza's mother tried to kill her son as a form of revenge against Calder, knowing how important it was to him.

I think that Micah is smart enough to accept Sachiel's offer, to be trained by him, one of the best, is not negligible and both win, no doubt.

Micah undoubtedly helped Talia with her advice, even though it seemed otherwise. It is clear that Talia is not accepted among her class and it is clear that she will end up having an ally in Micah or conversely, it is interesting to read her interactions anyway.

The struggles have been very good, very well written and very instructive. The truth is that it is not fair for the students who are not from the capital which are not trained like these, but it is what there is, it is a military academy and it is what is required of them.

Kai was very hard with Aiden, but of course, it's the way he was raised. Micah's revenge was incredible, a hero to rescue the honor of his people. I liked very much to see that Micah made the traditional Igni preform, so that he proudly showed his origin (even if it was biracial). The one who used the same phrase that Kai used with Aiden clearly demonstrated Micah's intentions and above all did not disappoint. The fact that an old man Igni applauded him and then others followed him I think is more symbolic than it seems, of course Ezra has awakened something asleep and has shown that the Igni are not as inferior as it seems.

It really is enjoyed so much reading this chapter. I loved it. It has been brilliant and I can only thank you for it. THANK YOU.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/8
You probably don't hear this enough, but just thought I'd say that I love your writing style so much I'd buy any one of your books if you wrote one!
passanger chapter 9 . 7/8
I love this story so far. Thanks for telling us about it. I love your stories and I'm glad to know that you still write.
Guest chapter 9 . 7/6
How are you going to leave us hanging like that. Amazing chapter and shook by the Prince revelation.
Emily chapter 9 . 7/6
Ah, as always, flawless execution of writing action scenes. Thank you for the two chapters. :)
spoonring chapter 9 . 7/8
Wow I love it! Freaking battle schools is my thing!
The Eternal Scribe chapter 9 . 7/7
Great chapter, I love how in depth you go with Micha and his character as well as the action scenes. Thank you for updating!
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