Reviews for Dragon Heart
JaeHee27 chapter 4 . 9/24
It has been so long. Do please update soon. Hope you are healthy and well. :)
Guest chapter 2 . 9/24
This is very interesting... and very different than rabbit heart. I’m curious to see where you go with it.

Side note: 5’8 is NOT diminutive (not vertically at least); a woman who is 5’8 and weighs 115 lbs is pretty tall and quite underweight.
Nble2 chapter 4 . 9/16
NOOO YOU LEFT US ON A MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER! Hopefully you’ll see our reviews and post the next chapter soon because I am dying of suspense! Sending lots of love xx
Amelie chapter 4 . 9/9
When will u update :((
Me chapter 4 . 8/18
It's weird that you decided to stop writing in the moment that writing should come easier... You already wrote the beginning and right now the characters are about to start their story together which is what most authors plan... What is difficult is to get where you are. It also seems to be difficult to write lemons and they already got there... I love the story but right now I'm not sure what is going to happen with It... Will you continue the story?
Amelie chapter 4 . 8/8
When will up update
Maria chapter 4 . 8/7
Hello, new reader here
I just started reading your story and I looooooove ittttt. Can't wait for moooore soooooon.

I've noticed that it has almost been a month since you last updated, are you going to keep writing it? I wouldn't want to commit to reading a story just to find out it is left unfinished...
Omg chapter 4 . 8/3
Yaaaaas Lovin IT. Also Lowkey wish I hadn't read it cuz you take for ever to update
annabanana1994 chapter 1 . 8/1
Update, please! It's been more than a month!
silva-rerum chapter 4 . 7/28
An intriguing contrast to Rabbit Heart so far, I think you're doing a great job of portraying Serafina as an overpowered character without erring into Mary Sue territory, especially because you emphasize her character flaws and quirks. Thumbs up!
Plsplspls chapter 4 . 7/25
Please upload again soon I can't hold out much longer ughhh pleaasee
Sinalist chapter 4 . 7/22
The chapter length more than makes up for the wait! As long as you don't stop writing, I'll wait however long that it takes. Your voice as a writer, and ultimately as a person, shines through in all your stories and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing that with us...I can't stop thinking about this story. XD WHAT IS SHADOWSIDE!
PurplePiggy chapter 4 . 7/22
And there it is again, that mysterious word. I wonder if that collar was what kept him feral? If so, this makes a complicated situation even more complicated. I can't wait to see what happens next!
jaiyacg16 chapter 4 . 7/16
Yay! YAS seeing our dragon shifter use his words! Oh and that SCENE... thank. You. The fluff is also much appreciated and seeing Serafine out her element with this guy is so cool
Guest chapter 4 . 7/16
Spicy ! Love it as always. Thanks for the lengthy chapter, really looking forward to the next as always!
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