Reviews for The Golden Fires of War
Moon Lily91 chapter 1 . 6/20/2019
The dialogue flow is really natural to read, and your descriptions are on point. Though describing Viola's chuckle as effeminate wasn't the best use since feminine would have worked better. And just sticking her name in the description than having any of the other characters call her by name was out of place. Would have been more fitting if it had been Eskil's thoughts revealing her name if you wanted to go the description route.

I know this is only part one of the prologue, but feels a little lacking in showing *why* they're there. I was expecting there would be some details on their expedition but it's just left in the air. Unless the threat at the end there is a hint, its unclear if that's really the reason they are on this expedition or they just happen to be one of the threats on their way. But perhaps it'll be revealed in the next chapter for the prologue.
Duodecim chapter 1 . 6/1/2018
Story started off nice, the descriptions were very vivid and clearly pictured the scenery and the character's display of pain was easily imagined as well. Patiently awaiting the progress this story makes (You better commit too).

You get to chapter five and I'll start following this; show me your commitment.