Reviews for The Green Wanderer
zanybellecloudo chapter 1 . 6/1/2018
I particularly liked the beginning of this chapter. It provided a deep, vivid sense of Marrox and the war-like world in which he dwells. The part about the river was intriguing, I half felt he was viewing his own reflection and it disturbed him terribly, witnessing the monsterous being before him. The Goblin's talk funny, I like that. Kinda like they're foreign and learnt the language from watching too many bad movies. Ha. My first instinct was they ate children (some old Grimm tale perhaps). I do prefer orcs and golbins to be human hating rather than lusting, maybe a tad strange and too human-like. Nevertheless, candle stick dynamite was a good inclusion and I liked that Marrox saved them. A reluctant hero who'd rather be feared than admired. Great characterisation. You write well and freely, which is a rare talent. Hope you stick at it. Thanks for sharing your work. ZB.