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Mr. Raleigh D chapter 30 . 12/27/2019
Whew boy! Do I have a lot to say on this.

Storm to me seems like the typical "OKAY BOOMER, WE GET IT!" But I do agree that the aforementioned chatracter should at least get of of their phoens every once and awhile. It's not good to only commuinicate only on the phones. Its nice to go outside and play, throw mud at an orange piece of crap because he thinks that water is bad for you and shit and talk trash to your neighors because you can lol.

Also, I'm one of those fanfiction authors on this site as well, not as much as I was before, but most of them are primarily Ben 10 fanfiction where I take Ben and take him to anther world, let him transform and let the other characters react lol. Now, I'm doing wth One Punch Man, lol imagine Saitama in the Justice League universe.

Also nice plug lol.

Anyway, saddened that this is the last chapter, but if you have any other stories you want me to check out, just PM me.

Thanks for the story!

Mr. Raleigh D chapter 29 . 12/27/2019
I think this story was actually quite adorable! Been awhile since I watched the Wizard of Oz though and I think it kinda makes sense for Cowardly Lion to hate the tastes of fruits and vegetables because...well...he's a lion and I have yet to see a vegetarian lion, like the aforementioned, vegetarian shark from a movie I wish not to say because it is a childhood movie of mine and I happen to ahev a love-hate relationship with said movie lol.

Ozma, she seemed more like a new character, at first until I read more into the books online. She seemed like a nice lady and I'm ashamed that Hollywood didn't even try to explain the story'
s universe like the Nome King and thereafter.

Anyway, nice job for the chapter, gonna move on to the next!
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 28 . 12/21/2019
This chapter was absolutely funny and it kinda reminded me when I and my sister would fight over which song to play over the radio. I happen to be a metalhead and my sister was a pop-princess lol. Ahh memories. LOL. Though my grandma would be kinda scared a little bit to know that I am a black man listening to heavy metal, violently rocking my head back and forth while throwing out devil signs lol.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 27 . 12/21/2019
As I said, not a fan of musicals, but I have seen The Lion King (no not THAT one) again as well as the animated movie of Mulan again and I started to appreciate those films a little bit more though. As for the continual fight for equality and justice, yeah that fight never ends because there will always be people out there who would like to go back to the Dark Ages and burn witches.

Anyway, nice chapter, though short though lol.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 26 . 12/18/2019
Ahhhh! The BWG trope lmao. The stereotype of a white woman who likes bland, but sweet drinks lmao. That is hilarious lmao. Bert, at least to my knowledge reminded me a lot of a guy I used to me, racist and sexist as hell but yet had a crush on a girl named Destiny (white girl).

The MOMENT he asked her out on a date, because she had boobs and he was a boob guy, she turned him down...HARD! Bwahahahaha! Good times, boy I hated Middle School but I miss it so much!

Nice job on this chapter! :)
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 25 . 12/18/2019
Greek Mythology had always fascinated me but I was never active in their mythos like that - aside the names of the Badges I gave them which are named after Greek alphabets lmao. They've alwaysa fascinated me and their stories so much that I wanted to write my own version - until Percy Jackson beat me to it lol.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 24 . 12/14/2019
AHHH religious zealots. My favorite cancer lol.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 23 . 12/14/2019
Technically I agree. Mulan taking on a whole army by herself while dressing up as a man so she can defend her family against a Han invasion. I loved the movie from back in the day, but I would be lying if I say that I loved the musical bits though (you can already tell I wanna see the new version since it's not gonna have the musical bits).

The Mulan legend has always interested me - since the story is in Public Domain (the legend that is) leaves room for me to go ahead and have it where Mulan takes on Time Travelling Nazis with their army of Han Androids hell bent in stealing a magical jewel that can transform people into sammiches. BECAUSE REASONS!

Back to my serious review...

I always knew that the character and the legend of Mulan have always been more like a transman metaphor, well except when I was a kid when I actually had a cartoon crush on her (don't ask).

In fact, Mulan was more like a progressive hero thousands of years ago. How many other legends we have yet to discover that was progressive?

Plus you recited Mushu's greatest lines! LOL! LOL! LOL!

GREAT JOB! Gonna go ahead and ride the next chapter.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 22 . 12/14/2019
It's like the old saying goes: Don't worry. About a thang. Because every little thing, is gonna be alright! Woke up this morning, towards the rising sun, three little birds. On my door step..."

Don't worry about the haters, they just gonna blow a gasket anyway. I'm glad you are strong enough now to fight off the people who carry nothing but negativity.

Plus I am HERE for the Iris stories! :D
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 21 . 12/7/2019
Ahhh...Seamus...we all know this person! We ALL know this person. LOL. The spreading of rumors and gossiping.

If I were there, I would have been like, "So what is it to you? You have a crush on Harry my guy?" LOL. I never watched or read the Harry Potter series, but this was a nice reintroduction, I am YEARS behind.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 20 . 12/7/2019
I think last year was not as hot for me. I dunno, maybe because I am okay with the heat and I become staunchly bitter around the wintertime lol.

Also, I think it might have been "their" instead of "eir". I dunno, it was something I spot whilst reading this.

Storm here seem like a very level headed woman as opposed to Iris! lol.

Welp, onto the next!
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 19 . 12/1/2019

I have an EXTREME LONG hatred for people like this. Like yo, if you or anyone else raped, assaulted, or murdered anyone yall know, find the motherfucker and kick his mother fucking ass! I had experience with someone raping an ex of mine and I was POWERLESS to stop it. Not because of the fact that this happened in the United Kingdom and I was in the States, but...yeah. That was it.

If I were Veronica’s father, I would have ANNIHILATED the person AND went to the police department and say, “Yep, I did it, officer! I shot the guy dead! Please arrest me before I hunt down anyone else who was complacent in this. I’m too dangerous to be allowed back in the streets.”

The fact in the matter is that TOO MANY people wanted (for some reason) a lenient sentence for people who committed these horrible acts. People on the LEFT (my political affiliation) and people on the damn right (occasionally). Like yo’ the motherfucker Brock Turner RAPED the young lady! Naw, and this is why I tell people, you don’t want me being a Judge. Because the moment I see that bastard in my courtroom, I would have said, “Hey Prosecutors. You want 6 years? Ha! Hold my beer. I’m going for 120 years at the ADX Florence in Colorado (look it up on Google).

I really feel bad for Emily. But hell, let me be her father, I swear to god the motherfucker who did that shit won’t be able to take a piss anymore.

Okay, that was my anger taking over my writing abilities for a second there. It’s like when I’m writing The Pappy, it was my response to Charlottesville, VA because writing is literally the best way I feel could make a difference.

Anyway, let me get myself some water. Nice chapter and keep writing. PEACE!
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 18 . 12/1/2019
I'mma say , you are right on the spot with this. Unless a person announces to the public that they are in love with that particular person, it should not matter. Like damn, nowadays people just wanna get on in your business. I'mma sound like a Boomer even though I am a Millenial (b. 1995), but...

Back in my day (LOL) when a motherfucker is in love, you either know based on what your friend say or if that party happens to announce it. The world was not Facebook, nor was it Twitter. It was the Real World. No one cared who was dating who unless you were a celebrity. But I guess now, everyone's business is Free Real Estate.

Anyway, magnificent chapter! Up to the next!
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 17 . 12/1/2019
Not gonna lie, never seen the Babadook, nor cared for it. I kinda thought of it as kinda an experimental arthouse film. But after reading this chapter, I may go back and watch it before I watch the latest episode of One Punch Man.

Though, this chapter kinda spoiled who the character is a little bit, but meh, at least I am interested!

Now into the chapter: You made the Babadook seem terrifying. Like damn, if I were in Amelia’s position I would have called Ash from the Evil Dead movies and paid him X-numnber of money for him to take care of that situation, ooooorrrr, I would UNLOAD on that motherfucker lol.

Ameila seems extremely brave in this chapter. Love the creepy vibes in the story.

The Babadook kinda reminded me of sort of psychosis that Amelia is suffering from.

Amelia is a really strong woman. Fighting against the Babadook day by day without cracking.

Though the Babadook kinda reminded me of a realistic version of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast - except less “romantic” and more like the Invisible Man by HG Wells.

This is actually a nice chapter. Gonna check out the Babadook now! In to the next chapter! :)
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 16 . 11/27/2019

Well I'm going to be a little bit more serious here. I've known a few people who were suicidal and my current girlfriend who admitted to me that she was. This chapter here was helpful, insightful, and kind to the people who were suffering with this.

I would always tell people who are bullied or just being treated as if they were nothing but a void of life. I always tell them that those people who think that they are better than you and treat you in a way that makes you feel inadequate. Fuck those hoes. They are losers, they are a bunch of Trump wannabes who failed college who transformed into incels who can't afford a hooker to satisfy their wet noodle- or if female, their hanging flesh purse covered in webs(I know...let the imagery fester lol).

What also would get me is that people would treat suicide as if it is a joke. Now, don't get me wrong, if done right, yeah, it could be funny (ie. Family Guy), but still you do not joke about that - especially when it comes to ACTUAL PEOPLE.

This personally speaks to me because again, I have a girlfriend who suffers from depression, clinically, and i'm always worried about her. Sure, I make her laugh sometimes, but at the end of the day, the most important thing in the world they want is to feel as if they are accepted. To feel loved. You know?

Anyway, thank you for the chapter, can't wait to read more.
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