Reviews for Light Up The Way
Nightflame203 chapter 1 . 6/11
Whoa, who are they talking about? I have the feeling Esther's talking about Priya- maybe Kane's talking about Kirk? I hadn't realized he was so agile :OOODDD

YAY I WAS RIGHTTT- No, I is Wright. I has seen enough to make logical deductions xD xD xD xD

OMGOSH I LOVE HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR ESTHER TO REGISTER WHAT MAVIS SAID ABOUT THE GIRLFRIEND THING xD xD xD xD Honestly, I'm kinda surprised they're not dating yet *thoughtful emoji*

Oh, Kane, now I'm wondering how dirty your mindset is xD xD xD You were the one who brought it up, not Esther *thoughtful emoji* *smirking emoji*

WHoaaaaa, 100 seventeen and eighteen year olds?! :OOOO I was not expecting dattttt- maybe I is not Wright :(

Whoa, Kane is mystery? His BFFS don't know his past :OOOOOODDDDDD

Ohhhhh, now I wanna know what those pills are for :DDDDDD I hope I find out next chapter :DDDDDDDDDD
Dark-Fire-Eyes chapter 1 . 6/11
I love this! Maybe, -if you would like to- you can help me get as good as you? Like, seriously, this is gold! I am really young and awfully new, please help me on my new story.
P.S- Mavis is now my current inspiration on not giving a shi* about something that would rattle my brains for hours.