Reviews for Words
MilesK chapter 1 . 7/10
Good start. You have a lot of emotion in here, which is integral to any good poem. My advice to you is to steer clear of clich├ęs. "Words don't work. Nothing works." Screams of teenage angst. It is overly pessimistic to the point where it is hard to take seriously. I would say that your poem is very strong until you reference different events in history made possible by words. After "words change the world" your poem becomes a bit predictable and almost vindictive towards society. You have an interesting angle here, that words hurt, maybe make this more literal? Perhaps turn this into a metaphor, comparing words to something awful for the human body, like a woodchipper or something dangerous. There are many unique ways to talk about words. There's a line in a song called "a love song" by Josh T Pearson, "the most dangerous four letter word ever known to man." This is a cool way of talking about love, you too can find a unique way to talk about words.
Keep writing poetry, the emotion is there and that's missing from a lot of stuff out there, you just need to find a unique direction. Good job.