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Starart152 chapter 6 . 6/7
This is a fun chapter where we learned about the corrupt guard that entered in the city guards and why he kept Zartan alive.
The escape plan had a lot of tension when Dhalia's did her part and how she managed to play with the two guards by being suspicious enough to take and took a bite out of the cake.
Habib is pretty resilient to soporific cake.
Starart152 chapter 5 . 6/4
This is a fun chapter where we have a duel between Folko and Halan where it could go both ways. Folko is a powerful warrior, but Halan weapon's allowed him to adapt to what was coming to him.
The fight was interrupted in the end by Sandros who arrested both of them and Zora.
Starart152 chapter 4 . 1/27/2023
This is a good end to the first arc of this story. The group didn't leave the city for logical reason, but they are at risk from a stranger and other threats.
As for Halan, there is clearly something going on and he needed a trinket to control his beast side it seems.
Anyway, this is a good first Arc that introduce the characters in an fun way.
Starart152 chapter 3 . 1/27/2023
This is an interesting chapter and I loved the way you describe the two battle scenes.
What I like about the fights is the way the description is given and gives a clear image in my head of what happened and the weight of the injuries they sustained.

As for the cliffhanger, it is a bit of annoyance, but that's the fun of it in a way.
Darth Zannacross chapter 15 . 4/1/2020
The reptile flavored clash resumes, leading to a uneasy shaky alliance.

The duel between Jin and Halan is still blazing intensely, though Halan's cunning tripped Jin up. Beld did not do nearly as well, but all depends on how Drakkan moves things forward.

Should be cool to see how things go from hear, till then keep up the good work and till next time.
Kurono Kuro chapter 10 . 3/2/2020
Been a while but seems that the fight scenes are still hot as ever. Halan barely managed to beat Kadiff. Still, the way Halan drove the knives at his opponents feet was something brutal, maybe gore? But there were not enough descriptions there. I felt it was a bit lacking. By lacking, I mean just one thing though, it was the blood.

Seems that it will be really four of them who will journey together. By the way, Dhalia even though she's a non combat fighter really is a good character in their group. She can act independently and make her own kinda absurd actions as well. So nice one. And one more thing, seems that, I can see the possible pairings now. Haha :D

Actually, I was supposed to tell you that I've noticed that your arcs are all one incident after the other but it looks like the main plot is moving on as it is supposed to be. New enemies, but actually been there all this time. This is the second time mentioning about the Black Scorpion, if I'm not wrong. Just who is the sicko who is obsessed with Dhalia anyway?
Ming the Priceless chapter 14 . 2/19/2020
Well, fighters started falling like flies, so I'm guessing this is the final showdown. The progress is intriguing, since so far all the guardians of the temple scored their wins and none of the actual protagonists... certainly you do get my by surprise. I'm loving how the skirmish is progressing and hope you'll continue soon!

Good work!
Ming the Priceless chapter 13 . 2/19/2020
So this proceeds roughly as it originally did with Zora getting saved by a mysterious, hooded figure. I do find it a bit hard to keep track of everything at the moment, but I'm guessing everyone will converge on a single chamber eventually, so I'll cope until than.

The fight between Greiz and the fighter was pretty cool. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Ming the Priceless chapter 12 . 2/19/2020
I liked this chapter very much: not only do we get to learn more about the temple, Sslan and the like. I hope there will be elaboration on these subjects later on. The plot progress much like it originally did, so I'm anxious to know what is with Dhalia's headache.

The separation may make it hard to follow each character's story, but so far the arc is going great. Don't stop!
Ming the Priceless chapter 11 . 2/19/2020
Hmmm... you certainly do take more time to weave the story; as I recall the original jumped straight to the showdown, but here you give us a bit more time to get to know these characters, which - I think - is a good call. I'm particularly curious about Mufasa, since he wasn't there for the previous version.

Nice, calm chapter. Good job.
Ming the Priceless chapter 10 . 2/19/2020
And so the arcs is concluded; makes a bit more sense the way you did it this time than in the original and the ending is just as ominous as it always was. Maybe nothing that made the entry stand out (aside from the creepy, bandage guy... Kilik), but I do believe the next one shall be one to remember.

Off to it!
Ming the Priceless chapter 9 . 2/19/2020
I liked Folko's match against Hadid; just as cool as in the original if not more so. Things are starting to wrap up I see. I'm quite curious about the next story arc, since you never finished it and it was quite entertaining, breaking the usual formula. Wonder if you'll managed to keep that level with the remake.

Overall this was a good chapter. On to the next!
Darth Zannacross chapter 14 . 2/15/2020
Well, more of a tension building chapter but boy was that tension thick as everyone's trudging along as things pile up more and more.

All these lizard enemies, half expecting Doc Conners to reveal he just shot everyone with the Neo genetic laser to beat Spider-man lol.

Dhalia hopefully is not coming down with something, double hope she's not suddenly going to turn into a lizard, guess we will see.

Another fun chapter, eager to see how things go so keep up the great work and till the next lizard sighting.
Jackyl 2000 chapter 14 . 2/14/2020
Not letting me rest, are you? The missus would probably kill me for readiing this today of all days, but meh ;)

No big fight this time, but I see there might be a three-way stand-off; those titual 'guardians' seem fairly badass and I cannot wait for us to learn more, particularly: what the hell (I mean "the Abyss" ;)) is going on with Dhalia?!

Great work so far, so keep it up ;)
Jackyl 2000 chapter 13 . 1/31/2020
A lot of scene changes, but the core remains the same: Zora is saved by... Lizor, was it? Well, some hints are about revelations I remember from the original version, so likely I won't be too shocked, but I did enjoy the fight and I wonder how all this will play out.

Kudos and keep going man!
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