Reviews for Wet Matches
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 2 . 7/2/2019
It's pretty fast that you killed somebody off. Will they find out who was behind it? I lost a friend to murder too. Stabbed in the neck and thrown in a lake...her story is on the internet. we weren't super close but i didn't want that for her. I've known other people that just died of cancer or suicide or overdoses.

I completelly understand Chris being unable to say the truth all though I mean I wouldn't probably tell my friends about that either. But as much as both sides are taught not to compare sex lives or tell after kissing both genders do. It'd be nice if both sides could just come to some kind of agreed upon consistency.

I laughed at the part where he grabbed roz's breast just cause sometimes women will say they're not in the mood that often changes the mind lol not always though but a lot o the time. kissing alone might just only lead to more kissing but with that, it's like serious but i was surprised no lemon but remembered thats not your thing. All though oddly enough the best lemon writer on either of the fiction websites that i read is also Indigenous a woman at least i think so.

As for grinding jesus...xd. Tat s very ..high gave in. Ad yeah an hour and a half he shouldn't have sweated it and getting walked in on well...lifes a risk hahaha.

Chris what the hell...losing to a white boy...I am sure some of them got hands and I've lost fights but never to a white guy. I'm hoping that no matter who i fight in he future it stays that way cause they may have defeated my ancestors so to speak but they didn't personally beat me. And thats my point too. They're only strong when they have a serious huge advantage.
A genuine white supremacist thugh honestly probably has to be tougher than your average. Cause really if you have any beliefs society is against you gotta fiht. Shit, I potentially have to cause of my Indigenous nationalist beliefs and I've had people sendme death threats even threaten to kil my pets. It's like really?

One bit of advice though seeing as I've seen you use slurs in terms of what is said to us, I wouldn't shy away from it I mean it's best to just say it same with the gay thing too. I understand most people won't havetarentino level profanity and racial slur use like i do in stories but i guess it's better to show than tell plus what you showed in your western stories with what was said to Charles and Lily you get my point.

I almost kind of wonder if Marsal is the one that killed their friend.

It was a good cover though on Chris's part. It is true though that Tony's memory would be muddled i got this friend from school that id heroin he doesn't remember the funniest momnt i ever witnessed where soda was spilled on a classroom table and this bitch actually slurped it off the table i was like wtf lol. So yeah, kills memory.

On the oppoite side, i could be like im not in the mood but then the smell of a woman's natural aroma is like an afrodesiac.

I had this idea that maybe all these sisters that get picked up by rednecks maybe wherever i am when i have a car i should give them lifts. Maybe I am a big guy and look intimidatin and im a breed but i honestly would just give them the ride so they're not getting in somebody else's. I told my best friend about that and she said that it could work. I mean I can't exactly run an Indigenois only cab service unless it was like a my car kinda thing but maybe that's something to try. It's not as official as uber but shit something has to be done. And I don't even mean i'd do that as a job that i wanna do for a career i cant but a side thing, yes.

Have you ever seen the movie Dance me Outside/ It kind of touches up on this subect a sister gets killed by a devil and so the local community knows who it is cause the guy only got two years. So they wanna kill him. I think you'd love it's as classic as smoke signals. Plus if you're a sucker for romance you'd love it too the main woman is a breed like us half Ojibwe half white jew. Adam Beach was in it too and despite the darkerpart about the missing and murdered woman and the white guy getting his it is still mostly a comedy. The real Natives give a white guy a fake ceremony just to fuck with him.

I'm also noticing a mix of Native and white hanging out as friends outtca curiosity is that common out there? You can see how I'd ask.
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 1 . 8/22/2018
An intereting story so far. Question. I get what you mean about the trope as far as they never moved on but yet you like love getting a second chance...the thing is though as opposed to that, what would you rather see? How could it be done different and better? It sounds to me like you're saying you like the unorthodox endings. Have you ever seen the movie Love Jones? That's a movie with an unorthodox ending.

Damn I kinda like how Ashley thinks.

It's weird to me you have city called Canada, Okahoma but on the other hand when reading Empire Of The Summer Moon they mentioned the Canadian River a lot in regards to Comanche warfare. Is it near that?