Reviews for Lure: Escape from Muna Chronicles Book 1
Alouise Briggslay chapter 28 . 1/8/2019
Read this last night, so my review is a little less fully-responsive, but seriously!
I'm so sad this part is over, though I cannot wait for Fairest so if there's a break between this part and the next of the Muna Chronicles, I'll survive. I am curious - is fairest BEFORE Maggie, or just before the other changelings? But, back to Muna, because yes.

HOLY COW. I did not see that coming. Akira's the husband!? I kind of always assumed he was crushing on Cricket, but that it was one-sided, from flashback glimpses of them together, but this I like better. It adds a whole new layer to Cricket. I'm not sure what I thought her secret was, but it definitely wasn't this.
I just don't even know what else to say - the chapter was amazing, the secret incredibly overlooked (by me) and definitely intriguing.
So yeah. Loved it. Like always.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 27 . 1/1/2019
That cut off, though!

Fever is still adorable, even if she did do a full 180 on her friendship with Cricket. And wait, the rescue party were near X! So it is Union? Just above Raf's clearance? Or a strict no-go zone?

Either way, amazing chapter and I'm ready for more.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 26 . 12/26/2018
Merry (late) Christmas! I hope you and your family had an exceptional day (provided you celebrate Christmas, I suppose).

Sorry for not replying to reviews, this time of year is the worst for customer service, I swear. And I've been distracted by the new Fallout... anyway, back to the point.

Another amazing chapter!
I loved it.
What does Akira have planned? There's no way he's just willingly going along with Cricket, surely... and Cricket. I feel like she's going to guide him straight into the middle of the celebration and then leave him to the metaphorical wolves.
Sighs. Not impressed about it almost being over, though... :P
Alouise Briggslay chapter 25 . 12/20/2018
My phone auto-predicts that I'm searching your username whenever I start writing a Book into Google (found it's the easiest way back to a new chapter). Stalker-esque enough? ;)

You don't have to thank me. God knows you do a better editing job than me! XD 'sides, you mentioned how you appreciate people mentioning stuff.

Aw, man! Fever!
I don't even know what to say. I think this chapter is my favourite and my least favourite (only because of where you cut it, not for any other reason). I kinda wanna hug her and smack her upside the head. And I really want in on her secret, and why she needs to leave so bad that she's willing to shoot Raf

Bah. This chapter is perfect, and horrible and brilliant.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 24 . 12/11/2018
Not particularly sure how you consider it good news, but hey. :P Haha. I'm bound to be slack a fair bit. Summer kicks my butt. Not particularly sure why, given I was born in the blasted season, but it does.

Yet another brilliant chapter (I think you meant "willingly" instead of "willing" when Kaito was telling us about how Giselle would stay up talking with him) - but seriously! I can totally picture Raf and the others escaping just as his rescue team crash land. Hilarious.

And so others do know of Muna?
Which would imply there's been at least one successful escape...
Unless there's another location they're visiting...
Kriptor chapter 24 . 12/10/2018
So when Raf crash landed on Muna, he was in fact a spy with a mission and now that he disappeared his parents are going to search for him? Pretty hype.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 23 . 12/7/2018
Haha, you did - but I didn't! I've been so slack this week, though in my defence, I've been entertaining a toddler a lot. And the renovation at work is just blegh and yes, I'll stop complaining now.

This chapter! I so want to know what he found, you cruel writer you! But it was awesome, really awesome, like everything else you write, have written, and will continue to write. I think I did notice a typo (read this a day or two ago, but three-year-olds don't like playing alone apparently) but I'll bet you'll have fixed it by now. I could even be thinking of another chapter though, so.

Gosh. I need so much more of this. Like, right now. And maybe more of everything you write, but hey, I'll take what I can get. XD

Still looking for the perfect stalker tag, so...
Kriptor chapter 20 . 12/5/2018
Wow, more and more mysteries! The Amphitheater passage was really well written, I could feel the intensity of the scene Well done, keep up the good work and thank you for your passion
Morrowseer chapter 1 . 12/5/2018
Strange, not bad though. I’d say it’s more sci-fi than fantasy
Alouise Briggslay chapter 22 . 12/3/2018
Naw, Akira was so sweet.

Flashback heavy or not, I kinda want a few more of them. You could totally do a kid's book on all the stuff Cricket and her friends got up to, I imagine. Make an awesome picture book - though one of those ones that only have a picture or two for every chapter.

Another brilliant chapter. I really loved the prompt. Worked rather exceptionally.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 21 . 11/28/2018
The only flaw with Cricket's plan is that, if it indeed is some kind of sleeper agent, by leaving she risks spreading Mina's pathogens (not sure that's the correct word, but whatever) to wherever it is that they're going off to. Not to mention the potential that Muna could kill them even at a distance. I think I'd probably try regardless, as I imagine she would, but it's still a thought.

Haha. You're forgiven for the simple fact that there's an update, and an awesome one at that. I really, really want to know more about the missing kids, and what happened to Akira. Do we find out in this book or is it gonna be a later detail? And on that point - though for the sake of spoilers, I guess answering isn't an option - do they even manage to escape in this one?

The title would probably suggest not...
Alouise Briggslay chapter 20 . 11/26/2018
Ooh. A kid back from the dead.
It just gets more and more intriguing.

Another beautiful chapter. I look forward to seeing more.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 19 . 11/24/2018
Yet another amazing chapter - and I'll reply to that PM later, been crazy busy lately, and work has turned into a warzone so I haven't had a chance to slack off and respond while I'm there - though if you ever want an editor...

Yeah. Not much else to say, other than the usual which I imagine, by now, is implied (I want more, wish is were longer, your incredibly talented). Sighs. How close are we to the end off this one? I feel like you're gonna drop us off cliff at the end... XD
Alouise Briggslay chapter 18 . 11/19/2018
Is Akira the rebel who was kind to her?

I feel like if he were, she'd remember, but I'm not entirely sure the first bit makes much sense if he isn't, unless it's a hint at what's to come next - war, or just fires, or maybe both.

And is he psychic? Given the walls are stone and all, and I'm sure someone would have mentioned an animal getting into the cell, I can't imagine that it's Muna telling him things. Unless everyone is wrong and the planet can communicate with and through rock formations... which is definitely not what it otherwise seems to hint at.

Hm. So many possibilities.

I did notice a typo, when Akira first spoke "long thing fingers" (or something about fingers, but you'd used thing instead of thin, in any case). And shouldn't be be battered? Unless he won the fight, I suppose.

Regardless, another exceptional chapter that has me longing for more.
Alouise Briggslay chapter 17 . 11/15/2018
To hear Fever speak of it, Mum's sounds a lot like a virus, or cancer. Except that you'd think, if it were destructive, it would be all too keen to let people leave.

Oh God. Mina is stuck in the "terrible twos"! It doesn't wanna share it's toys with the other planets!

Another incredible chapter. I just keep falling deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole of yours. Do we find out more about the experiments? Cricket seemed to drag them away before anything too interesting was said, and I'm curious about the newest race addition.

Well, I'm curious about everything, so there's that.
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