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Mango Pudding chapter 24 . 1/4
Hey hey! I feel like there was at least a seven-day period between me telling you I started this and actually reviewing, but I did finish reading, I've just been busy recently. Break turned out to have a lot of work *sigh.* But onto this chapter!
I'm trying to make sense of my notes lol...I wish we got to see a little more of H-Mart description-wise but that was a fun scene. Just to check that I'm on the same page as you, Raleigh and Taeri were telling Nhung to choose Lottie, right? Ach, bubble milk tea sounds so good.
Oh, the original Selena, I remember seeing a video about her. The decoration in Miriam's room is also excellent *chef's kiss*. It sounds so freaking beautiful. And Vera (Aloe Vera hahaha!) was so cute. I started drooling at the food immediately and I loved Lottie and Vera's reaction. Carbonated yogurt sounds like something I've tried before lol, like in East Asia there's this type of drink that has probotics in there or something so it's kind of like yogurt (do you know what I'm talking about)? Bastani also looks so gorgeous.
I don't know anything about textiles, but there was the Silk Road man, of course Asia and the Middle East have the best, right? (Lol.) The Persian poetry and scented- SCENTED- pages sound so romantic *tears up* I feel like you must've read Darius the Great is Not Okay already because Sohelia immediately reminded me of it. Poppy fields just make me think of opium though lolll that's a long-term effect of writing Therapy and apparently being in one can make you pretty sleepy? (There was a scene in the Wizard of Oz about that haha.)
Bruh. She is unfit for a romance? Hmm it seems to me that Sohelia is could be bi, but I guess a lot of people do "experiment" with things before figuring out their sexualities so idk. I never considered the complexities around gender identity that were mentioned here, that's really interesting. I gotta say though, Miri, don't make that decision solely because of Sohelia, that doesn't sound good to me.
Ahhhhh Lottie meets Yiska! A model! That was so cool. I wish I could have those kind of conversations in real life. Sorry I'm kind of heavy on constructive criticism today, but it would've been cool to learn more about their personality. Though I get it, it's a first impression and there's plenty of time left with them.
Aww Ziya and Aylin cooking together. I literally LOL'ed at the part about Danny torturing Serkan. Moral of the story: don't take bio. Aydin and Aylin sound so cute together! I love the trend of all these conversations happening around Lottie that she can't understand, I mean, it must be pretty frustrating for her but language diversity is awesome. Everything about her cramps was on-point. "Strong menstruating woman" I gotta remember that. Awwwwww Ziya ;-;. I can't even tell when other women are on their period how did he do that? The sparkers part and Minnos (sorry I don't have a keyboard that can type that) were so cute. Dang if you've found a project like the one Ziya's making please share the link it sounds so coollllll.
Oh and I love the trend of people saying "am I right or am I right?" and "yes or yes?" Another piece of the puzzle! It's not becoming a lot more clear though because I felt like Lottie's encountered him in the same state before but the suspense will keep building. Mm, lovely cliffhanger. So excited for the next one! See you then!
(Gahhh it's raining terribly outside but I have to run to the canteen ughh)
noveltealover chapter 24 . 12/29/2021
Heyya, ica! Gonna end my year spending some time with Lottie and the LNE squad so leggoo :D Ooh, lots of things happening this chapter and I loved how you squeezed in so many different moments/scenes with Lottie spending quality time with her besties (even if it's to cheer Miri up but spending time with the besties during the highs and lows is still quality time) to more bonding time with Ziya and Aylin.

First scene with some family time with Danny and her cousins and they're grocery shopping. Hahah I can picture Danny 'rag-dolled' dragging Lottie outta bed and getting her to tag along on the grocery trip to the H-mart. Lottie and her gal cousins were tryna convince Taekyung's gf, Nhung, that she's too good for him but she's just giving them a saucy wink LOL. That's sweet that she tagged along with him for a grocery run altho there's always something interesting to see or buy in asian grocery marts hahah. And aww, Sugmo treating them all to boba and Lottie getting some mango milk tea, yum! consuming good food can only lead to a good nap so LOL, Vera waking up Lottie with placing Butts on her face and her inhaling cat hair and then breathing in lungfuls of air afterwards ahaha. I wonder if her friends get creative in finding different ways to wake Lottie up from naps xD Aww, Vera dropped by to bring Lottie out for a bestie emergency and Miri needs their support. Yup, complete the bestie square with Lottie joining in for the support. So Miri lives with their sisters! And I love the decor in their place. Whoa, very regal with the black and purple colour scheme and waterfall lights. Aww, Miri has their head in Ada's lap and Ada calls for the group hug when they arrive hehe. Has Ada called Vera by Aloe Ver before? I feel like she has and I forgot lol, but this is the cutest nickname for her hehe. Oh gosh, all the Iranian foods mentioned this chapter made me hungry and want to try them one day! The zulbia pastry and bastani with Persian tea sounds soo scrumptious. And ooh the doogh is like a yogurt drink. Aww, I'm glad we get to learn more about Miri and them opening up to the besties. So they had a childhood bestie back home and her name's Soheila~ And they've been exchanging letters over the years which just feels so much more real and personal even when we do have the convenience and plentiful of ways to stay in touch nowadays with the Internet excluding the point that Soheila's parents check her phone. Miri having a collection of letters from her bestie is too precious. *pleading face emoji* But omg the segway from Lottie asking like 'rendezvous?' and Ada saying it's a meeting between two people and Miri just dropping that they've slept with their childhood bestie all cool and casual like for sure akdsgdas. LOL, me tryna guess everyone's reaction after Miri said that. Ada must be "Aww~", Lottie for "Neat-o" and Vera as "Tch"? xD But aww, Soheila told Miri that she wasn't looking for a romantic relationship but then is interested in someone else now and Vera over here like "Eww. A man." LOL. And so cute that Vera is now eating Lottie's ice cream and Lottie drinking Vera's doogh ahah. But Miri not able to help and think on the 'what ifs' if she had told Soheila she wanted to be together romantically aww. Ooh cool! I learned a new term today. LOL, Vera and the others yelling 'f-ck comphet' and it stands for compulsory heterosexuality. I'm always learning new words whenever I read LNE heh. And I dunno why but maybe it's cuz we don't often get to see Miri talk a lot at a time, I feel like they would get along with Emil? They both are eloquent and have a way with words. Like this line they said, hit me in the feels: "It's the right path to go. Soheila said she wanted to remain friends, and I had agreed. Why take back my word now?" They paused, a sniffle starting. (noo, don’t cry, Miri! *pleading face emoji*) "It truly, decidedly sucks that the right path is the thorniest of them all." Aww. I really love how everyone in Lottie's life interact or connect to each other one way or another since Miri has been talking to Ziya about HRT and aah it was during the witchy photoshoot. Everyone needs to get together again real soon! And ahh lolol, I was waiting for one of them to bring up Jess and hey, Miri agrees Jess is great but also understandable that Miri needs time to overcome their heartbreak and feelings for Soheila. :c But the suave and smooth way they diverted further attention on their love life, they shifted it back to Lottie with setting her up with a blind date? I think it'd be soo cute if all her besties arrange a date for Lottie since we had Vera with Connor and Miri introducing a new guy to Lottie. So, that leaves Ada? But if she’s like us and secretly rooting for Elías then maybe not? hehe. Anyway, loved the bestie chitchat. Always a riot and delight to read. :3

Onto the next mini scene with Lottie's 2nd blind date! And the setting is underneath a gingko tree at a picnic table. Loving the scenery. And aaah new character alert with Miri introducing her friend! Their name is Yiska and they're Navajo and they're studying fashion design with a modelling side gig. I 110% agree with Lottie with her 'hot damn' upon seeing Yiska for the first time with their long, dark hair and sharp cheekbones that could cut you aha. And the first thing they say to Lottie is she's exquisite. *heart eyes* Sweet talker indeed ahaha. Ohh I've heard of two-spirit people before. I started seeing the term used in my workplace's corporate-wide pride newsletters that share like the latest virtual stuff happening within the community and they made sure to include 2S in LGBTQIA2S :) And Miri over here, pleased with herself with introducing another person Lottie can vibe with heheh. A brief introduction to Yiska but can't wait to see more in the future cuz I'm super duper intrigued to learn more about them alongside Lottie :D And I did spy Lottie's comment about not wanting to delve into her cultural issues after a first meeting so it's gonna be interesting to see more of Lottie's personal feelings and thoughts about cultural dysphoria cuz I feel like those topics are gonna hit a little too close to home :’)

Aaah and now the rest of the chapter belongs to Ziyaaaa. (Still missing our main mans, Elías ahaa, but our second ML does deserve the spotlight so time to jot down some of my thoughts). Lottie is a trooper for sucking up and heading out even with her menstrual cramps LOL. And agree, second day is actually when it hits you the hardest. xD And aah Ziya looking damn fine in his beige turtleneck hehe and he's got his hair up in a knot at his nape. *swoon* And here you go making me hungry again with the bazlama this time. the Turkish flatbread sounds soo good and aww it's homemade and Aylin embracing Lottie in a flowery, flour-y hug is the absolute cutest. I just picture like the Animal Crossing happy reaction with the flowers LOL? Those flowers appear every time Aylin gives hugs hehe. And LOL, their other roommate, Serkan, be asking Lottie if Prof Leefeld can reduce all those bio quizzes. xD I LOLed too with Serkan when he clapped Lottie on the back and she dramatically oof-ed haha. And Ziya saving the day with offering Lottie a hot pad for the cramps and green tea in a pretty tulip-shaped glass ooh. Heat pads really do wonders yupp. Ziya being the bee's knees today hehe altho to Lottie, he's the bee's knees every day :3 Lottiya just being so wholesome and cute and Ziya just wants to provide Lottie all the comfort during her time of the month hehe. And awwh, him tapping her polka-dotted jellyfish earrings. LOL, Lottie tryna recall what HRT stands for with R being for Radness. xD But it's great to hear more tidbits from Ziya's transitioning period and ooh so he didn't have to worry about the periods anymore seven months after he started HRT. and he got lucky with the menstrual cycles not returning anymore. And ahaha, I love this line: "Ziya widely grinned, which was super dangerous, sending butterflies the size of a monarch migration." Gotta love me any variation of the 'butterflies in the stomach' metaphor hehe. And aww, I'm happy Ziya's able to find and connect with other queer Muslims in his community and having the sense of truly seeing and truly being seen and the photo of his friend is one of his favourites. :) I also liked their talk of their faith and they’re not shy to talk about anything really.

LOL, Aylin interrupting the Lottiya makeout sesh upon arrival and they all put on a film together but ofc Lottie conks out cuz she's all comfy with the heat pad and tea Ziya gave her and you are more fatigued than usual during your period. And Aylin being the ultimate friend and telling Lottie she can rewatch the film with them some time. Ofc, it's not a complete LNE chapter without some seriousness. Aaah on the drive home, she's asking Ziya if Elías ever had a history with drugs and Ziya doesn't think so but he recalls one time at a party where he found Elías outside among the hydrangeas in the middle of one of his panic attacks? :'( but thoughtful Ziya knew exactly what to do in that moment with asking Elías if he wanted him to stay or leave and get help. and Lottie recording all these details in her notes aaah and just thinking of Lottie having a bunch of notes on her phone regarding Elías as she tries to unravel all she knows about him. *pleading face emoji*

Ahaha the bonus points Lottie gave to Ziya for all the little things he did for her today hehe. Too cute. And she be getting a message from Yiska too and they're gonna talk textiles yupp. But the most important one of the night as she's getting ready for bed is the phone call from our beloved main man. adjgdsa he's all breathless with the mention of Erik since he’s gonna be here to perform and I can just picture Elías internally freaking out at seeing Erik in-person again ahhhhhh.

For your a/n, yess, please do go all out with the experimenting in writing and exploration of the variety of subjects you want to cover :D Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve for us hehe. we're along for the ride in the learning experience too. and LOL, your next chap preview. Lottie def playing wingman for Elías and Erik? aaaah sooo excite for it when you got it hehe. This chapter was wonderful as always, ica and aww, sad the chapter is over now as I write this LOL. I guess this is my LNE fix for the time being. And pffft it's impossible for a LNE chapter to NOT be enjoyable so you like never ever gotta worry about that. Anywho, till next time, icaa~ :D *peace sign & hearts emojis*
Dinaharun chapter 24 . 12/24/2021
halo author, this such a great novel, i am an editor, i would love to offer you something, if you are interested, may i know how to reach you professionally?
Folding Turtles chapter 23 . 10/3/2021
I'm guessing the twins are fraternal instead of identical? And, wow, MIT. Since Emil came here from work, he must be based around LA, so if the twins go off to college in a year, and both Elias and Emil are still in California...then, the two older brothers will finally get a break from the twins' shenanigans. XD

I love the way you depicted the brothers' interactions. It seems really good-humored, fun, and believable.

Hm... my theories about what happened with Elias in the past: Since Emil doesn't like Elias being with Erik, it's possible that Erik caused Elias' mental breakdown. Or, the "angel" was actually a drug dealer and got younger Elias hooked on drugs? Or, maybe some form of mental manipulation? And the reason why Elias still likes Erik now is a form of PTSD-related Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe Elias tried to commit suicide when he was younger? The harm to his palms and his bruised knees in the picture seems to indicate that.

But...I'm finally all caught up! Enjoying the story so far, and looking forward to your next update!
Folding Turtles chapter 22 . 10/3/2021
Kinda wished Connor had told Lottie he liked someone else before taking her out and getting her hopes up. I feel like, in general, people should make their thoughts clearer, instead of having other people trying to guess what's going on inside that tangled subconscious. Like, you shouldn't be wasting other people's time and emotional energy, 'cuz even if that other person doesn't have anyone else to expend it on, conserving it and taking some personal time is a better use for it than throwing it into the void known as SOMEONE-WHO-HAD-NO-REAL-INTENTIONS-ANYWAY. So far, Lottie's met two of these types of guys. I wonder if these types of reactions stem more from the guy's cowardice of admitting to the girl what's really going on, or it's a twisted form of alpha-male-ism where they bask in the extra attention that the potential girl lavishes on him. Or maybe, a bit of both?

Hopefully, Raffy doesn't turn out to be a heartbreaking player/cheater for Yeseul.

Maybe Elias and Lottie did meet at some point when they were a lot younger? When she was dressed as a boy/Charlie that one time? And she passed out candy to him without thinking it was a big deal because kids often forget things?

Wishing I knew any shreds of Spanish. [sigh]

Oh boy... Yeseul's directing a photoshoot for Lottie. [facepalm]
Folding Turtles chapter 18 . 10/2/2021
* Forgot to mention this last chapter, but I thought that the moment with Lottie's STARRY NIGHT printed skirt contrasting with the starless sky was a good counterpoint. ;)

* Ran is officially RUN. (That arc has been RUN.) XD

* Possible that Ziya never commits to relationships.

* Did Lottie's mom commit suicide? Driving too fast in the rain after an argument and car accident?
Folding Turtles chapter 17 . 10/2/2021
There are two real dweeb guys in this chapter: Ran and Yeseul's ex-boyfriend. Don't really appreciate the way they're acting, especially Yeseul's ex.

Elias has questionable motives inviting Lottie to a party he has misgivings about. What exactly was he hoping to accomplish? What purpose exactly was her presence there supposed to serve?

Ahh... When I was in college, I was stuck inside studying most of the time, and I never could understand how so many people managed to "go out" so often. This chapter answered all my questions about what happens during "going out"s. XD

Re: Ran coming back at 3 AM, that's not the latest. By any stretch. Some of the people in my hall came back regularly at 5 AM. I knew because they'd bang their way down the hall. When Ran was dying his hair in the sink (from red back to black), I remembered those same 5-AM-dudes who dyed their hair blood red in the sink that we had in our rooms, and seeing those sinks afterwards that looked like someone has just washed their hands after a brutal murder.

Also, I don't know if people are REALLY this casual about [air quotes] going with each other, but the temp couples seems to be moving along REALLY fast.
Folding Turtles chapter 16 . 10/2/2021
Verada's bet: IMO Ada's betting that Lottie's gonna end up with Elias.

Bubble tea: TBH didn't try this until college because it wasn't a thing where I grew up, but all my friends in university were like, "This is the best thing ever. I SWEAR." So whaddaya know, I bought a cup and tried it. It was good, but not to-die-for good. Sugary milk flavoring powders rice balls. Maybe it's because you always have more affinity for the foods you grew up with. (Maybe that's why I have an incurable affection for mac&cheese - thanks, all those elementary school cafeteria lunch sides.)

OMG, Lottie and Ran sewing a costume for cosplay. Never done cosplay before or really watched anime, but the fabric high you can get from being inside a Joann's or Hancock's or - better yet - one of the boutique stores that have the MOST LUXURIOUS fabrics. Silk brocade and intricate lace... Heaven... And the notions aisles - shelves and shelves of glittering buttons and crystal embellishments. AHHH... Also, shocking how long it takes to cut out all the pattern pieces from the fabric, right? Lottie's two hours seems pretty good for me. I had worked on a suit jacket once, and the sheer number of pieces there were... LORD... It probably didn't help that I was trying to fit everything on a piece of fabric that was about one-fourth of a yard too short, which meant that I had to cut some things on a weirdly oriented bias grain -_- but oh well... All's well that ends well.

I love reading these chapters, rom-com your on-point humor all the memories that the scenarios bring back. :)
Folding Turtles chapter 15 . 10/2/2021
Ok, so at first, back in Ch. 14, I thought that maybe there was a new character with approximately the same as Miri, but then, I was like, NO - that can't possibly be right... And then, after reading this chapter... that led to me re-evaluating how I had pictured the previous chapters, because I remembered Lottie and Miri had gone shopping, and in that chapter, Miri had stepped out in a princess-style ball gown, so I had always imagined a biological female. Then, I went back and looked and realized that there was never any descriptions that definitively pinned down Miri's gender, and I rewound and realized I had so many preconceived notions. WOW. OK. Mind-bending experience. It's like one of the implicit bias riddles I've seen before, something like "A doctor walks in late to a meeting with a secretary. So, he tells her, 'You're late.'" and most people are left scratching their heads (or thinking the doctor's a big fat lying accusatory jerk) because they automatically assume the doctor's the "he" and the secretary's the "she."
Folding Turtles chapter 13 . 10/2/2021
The minute I read that Elias picked up the phone gasping, I called what was gonna unfold in the next couple sentences. XD

The scene of Lottie doing Elias's nails is really sweet. I also think you're doing a great job of showing and developing the different characters' psychologies and all that complicated machinery that goes on inside a person's brain. One thing I have noticed is that Lottie's inner monologues are gradually becoming less angsty (relative to Chapter 1) as the story's progressing. It's subtle, but the shift is definitely there - to clue us in on her emotional development.

Objectively, someone like Ran is "classic" boyfriend material (as long he's not secretly a psychopath or cheater) and would be the better match for Lottie. But, I think there's a couple ways this story could end. (1) "Literary" / Bittersweet (TESS OF D'URBERVILLES or LA LA LAND style) ending: Lottie and Elias say goodbye after helping each other heal their various traumas and end up with some people who are not each other. In a movie, this would be the scene in which the two people hold hands one last time, separate, and then walk slowly away in the scarlet-brushed sunset. OR...(2) "Commercial" / Happy (TWILIGHT style) ending: Lottie and Elias end up together after Elias is changed to be not as much of a "bad boy." Movie scene equivalent would be Lottie and Elias slow-dancing under a crystal chandelier at an end-of-the-year formal.

Speaking of chandeliers, I think the song by Sia, "Chandelier," matches the mood of this story really well.
Folding Turtles chapter 12 . 10/2/2021
It is a common misconception (*cough, cough* stereotype) that all East Asians MUST be into anime. But, as Charlotte thought, the costumes can be pretty wicked cool.

The scene of the anime artist sketching out a perfect picture in a short amount of time reminded me of a good friend I had in high school. Amazing artist...could draw exact replicas of people's faces from freaking MEMORY (never saw references being used)...was always practicing people's faces because they're the hardest to get right, although every picture I saw, even the half-finished ones, was pretty much perfect...absolute genius...literally the reincarnation of Da Vinci/Picasso.

So, about Lottie's mom... I thought at first when they were at the gravestone that maybe, she had died in childbirth, but Lottie's exclamation of rage at the end made me revise that opinion. I'm now thinking that maybe, she ran away after having a child (maybe out of wedlock) with Danny.
Folding Turtles chapter 11 . 10/2/2021
Miri’s pre-professional suit briefcase look as a stand-in for Poli-Sci Pre-Law…could also be the look for all your Econ/Finance majors looking to get into banking.

Ok, the Juul smokers—sat next to a guy for a couple weeks in one of my classes who was addicted to his vape pen, and kept praying the whole time that the pen wouldn’t explode in his/my face or that I wouldn’t inhale nicotine from the second-hand smoke. Vaping wasn’t a big deal back in high school, but I heard it got A LOT worse during the years I was in college, and I think it showed on campus. Vape pens literally almost everywhere. Some of the people I knew back home also said that there were kids who were addicted to vaping as early as middle school. Really MESSED UP, in my opinion.

When I first read “bolillo,” I got the word mixed up with “bolero,” and I was thinking…why would they call someone a decorative eveningwear capelet?

“but Elias definitely is of the…”: Stephen’s bad pun is truly cringeworthy.

The best EDM songs are the ones that…you feel like you’re burning calories just listening to them…’cuz they got SO MUCH ENERGY! XD

Bet Ran’s a Comp Sci major, even though he was costume-less.

I've also heard of a counterpart to the banana analogy: the Twinkie. -_-
Folding Turtles chapter 10 . 10/1/2021
Based on Miri’s statements, I think Erik is asexual.

Also not a Bio major, but I think the bio-exchange between Elias and Lottie’s dad is pretty interesting because it’s crazy how stringing together a bunch of scienc-y words instantly makes the sentence sound ACADEMIC.

Ah, seeing the English translation of the Spanish conversation bit at the end made so much more sense. Took French in high school so, like Lottie, had NO CLUE what they were saying during the chapter.
Folding Turtles chapter 9 . 10/1/2021
OMG the first time I finally realized what “yellow fever” meant in college. -_- And then explaining it to someone else who thought it still meant that old jungle disease…

WOW…Lottie’s friends are incredibly good private investigators (i.e., tracing people online). Case cracked within minutes.

“Like I didn’t know my credentials were…”: A keen sense of observation can make up for lack of experience, Lottie. Jane Austen was never married, but she could write drawing-room romances like no other.

The characterization of Erik Hope’s altruism and cello-playing makes him sound like the reincarnation of Angel Clare from TESS with his tinny, secondhand harp that does nothing but let a girl down. “Talk about an angel’s complex”: yep, there we go, confirmed my suspicions.

I’m really confused about what EXACTLY happened with Lottie and the brunette freshman girl. Was that girl out to get her at first or something? Do they know each other from before? Is Lottie her mentor or something?

Mulan is instructed to prepare tea. Lottie prepares instant coffee. XD

Lottie playing attorney brought back memories of the scene in TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE when Laura Jean has her Peter dude sign the contract.

“I had a sinking feeling that this deal was bound to get downright disastrous”: Aren’t all such deals with the devil?
Folding Turtles chapter 8 . 10/1/2021
“a Googlian times”: the first time I learned what an actual GOOGLE was, I was in middle school, and our “academic planners” that the school issued to each student had these random trivia notes on the page for each week, and one of the facts one week was that a “google” was actually a real number with 100 zeros. I was MIND-BLOWN as a simpleton little fifth or sixth grader, and the term stuck with me.

I predict they’re gonna end up with Elias taking them to the cat shelter (typing this of the way into the chapter).

Wait…question: When did Lotte and Elias exchange numbers? I get that they’ve been texting for a while now, but why would she voluntarily agree to give her number out to a guy she has a clear disdain for?

Elias’s straightforward nature has its charms. But his relationship with Edward and how it’s ending makes me think he’s a real big f-boy.

Haha—Lotte made Elias almost see STARS with her shooting star purse.

What is it with Elias and his E-named partners?
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