Reviews for Unhappily Bonded
Guest chapter 32 . 5/25/2019
I don't want it to be over already! Ughhh.
Guest chapter 32 . 5/19/2019
Does she really believe in that bond hog wash. Never knew maya was betraying sort. I can't wait for her disillusion...
Guest chapter 31 . 5/19/2019
Maya is fucking stupid. Too much of arrogance hopefully will be her undoing. I love jasper and hopefully he will get someone better than this idiot...
So far your story makes me believe it is anti-bond. I hope that stays true.
Guest chapter 30 . 5/18/2019
I need a new chapter! I stayed up ALL NIGHT reading this story because it's sooo good, so please update soon. I'm dying!
Guest chapter 30 . 4/27/2019
Pretty face. She was such a shallow person...
Guest chapter 25 . 3/12/2019
Oh now she definately ventured in undesirable bitch category.
Guest chapter 21 . 2/16/2019
Girls seem to be believe in bonding because they have choices. I am begining to get sense of your story. The whole bonding is shit concept made to fool people and i am guessing your story wants to point it out. It is good antithesis to all these mate stories.
Katana Geist chapter 21 . 2/16/2019
Keep up the good work, Kim! You have an amazing writing style and a beautiful imagination! Never put the pen down if you can help it!
Maia the Writer chapter 21 . 2/14/2019
Keep up the amazing work with this story! The Spare Band is making the running away from the law situation more interesting. Also, great writing style and it is easy to understand what you are writing.
saya chapter 20 . 2/10/2019
I don't know why you have so few reviews but let me tell you, this story is so beautifully written. It's a gem. I love the flow of words and your characters are interesting, better than most novels in stores. I look forward for more.
Guest chapter 20 . 2/5/2019
I find it interesting story. It looks like females in this story have spare but males don't. Or do they? And what determines spare and why? That theory is not clear. I am not surprised the bonding concept is sham.

The flaw in the logic is bonding and spare theory in story will reduce population which society has never favored unless there is over population problem. Men have potential more chance to be donors while female can only give birth once a year. Every male spare is wasted resource from genetics perspective. So is the society facing over population issue and trying to control it.

And spares never got attracted to some other spare? Humans don't wait for 10 days before breaking rules. 100 years is bit too much. There should whole colony full of spares thriving in all honesty. Love the story. I can see book smart Maya and more street smart Jason bonding for all wrong reason.
Maia the Writer chapter 14 . 11/25/2018
Looks like Jason is not very bad at all. He seems to be a normal guy, just not someone Maya thought she could click with. I feel that running away from the officers will bring Jason and Maya closer. It is a sort of dark humor considering officers are chasing them because Maya and Jason were doing research on inept bonds, which ends up bring Maya and Jason closer. I like the inclusion of Jason's mom and her compassion she had towards Maya.
Maia the Writer chapter 12 . 11/17/2018
This story has certainly surprised me! I was expecting some cute soulmate story, but then it became much more interesting as they are now considered criminals on the run. I am looking forward to the next chapter and what will happen to Jason and Maya.
echogirlcapri chapter 1 . 9/18/2018
This is a really interesting idea! I'm interested to see more, although I hope Jason isn't quite as bad as you say in the summary, haha. Good opening though!