Reviews for A Szörnyű Haragom
Czeiner Andrs chapter 1 . 11/19/2018
I'm not sure if it's your first poem, but I think it's quite good. It clearly shows your emotions. In some places it's a bit too harsh, but it's still good.
Some things you should improve:
In Hungarian poetry the rhythm is really important. You should count syllables of the lines and make it symmetric. If it is done you will feel the rhythm and the poem will be easier to read. Tip: if you want to have a little trick in your writing, put a line that is different from the usual in the last verse, this is going to make the reader think.
Also it's important to use more similes, metaphores etc. Hungarian is one of the most difficult and the easiest languages to write a poem in, it has vast load of synonyms and whatsoever. I know it's hard, but do not rush and think more and use your best imagination.
Don't worry. Your poem is a good first leap and even Hungarians suffer with these problems.

I hope I could help you