Reviews for Ginger's Tale : Savory Cheerleader
rhunter42dragon chapter 1 . 10/4/2018
Another awesome WAM story! I loved set up of a prankster getting hers (I remember something similar happening on Noel's House Party, with a girl who loved to play pranks being setup by her friends to get sent to the gunge tank). I loved the reactions of the other cheerleaders and students, who were clearly loving watching Ginger get messy. And I loved what a great sport Ginger was. That combination of amusement and embarrassment you often see from the victims is possibly my favorite thing about seeing people get gunged. Hardly a surprising reaction fom a prankster (I recall the girl on NHP seemed to find herself getting gunged every bit a funny as the audience did). I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be her. I wouldn't have minded the tomato sauce, but the mayonnaise - yuck! And based on the sound of something being opened, I'm guessing those pickels were dumped on her right out of the jar. That means she didn't just get the pickels, but also the juice that they're kept in. That stuff's nasty! What exactly was the stuff in last bucket, the one the instructor said was "pretty gross?"