Reviews for Ghost Stories
Ming the Priceless chapter 4 . 2/19/2020
So the Navari are werewolves... as one would think. Not much of a mystery, but the plot is still progressing nicely and I wonder how this situation will resolve itself since Jack and corp and going to talk with the Indians... is that the final showdown that the lycanthropes will just attack them? If so the heroes are greatly outnumbered, so I am curious how this plays out. Hope you will update soon!
Ming the Priceless chapter 3 . 2/19/2020
So a werewolf arc this time... well, we have a vampire already, so I guess that's fair '

This arc sounds interesting, even if who the werewolves are seems fairly obvious (if there's more than one). Still I wonder how this plays out and the beginning of this chapter was nicely written. You certainly kept my interest. Good work.
Jackyl 2000 chapter 4 . 1/31/2020
So the Navari are werewolves... no surprise there, but I must say Jack is interesting to follow: on one hand he's the good guy, likely the hero of the story, but he's also extremely reserved. It's a breath of fresh air, even if it's sometimes hard to be entirely on Jack's side.

The plot is moving along nicely and I wonder how this will play out... I mean you won't have Astrid and Jack (and - possibly - Solomon) defeat an entire tribe by themselves, right?
Keep updating!
Jackyl 2000 chapter 3 . 1/31/2020
I do like your descriptions of surroundings; they do give me an eerie feeling, which is likely what you were going for. I assume this will be a werewolf arc (I wonder if this will affect the presentation of Haft in "Dragon Blood"), so I'm quite curious how Astrid will react to this, entire mess.

A bit of a mystery, though a fairly straight-forward one, I think. You certainly got my attention. Good job.
Kurono Kuro chapter 2 . 1/17/2019
I really thought they were going to fight or at least explain each other first before catching John. Didn't expect for them to be all with just few words. The actions were great as always, through in this one, I didn't feel any pressure or excitement like I did in FS. Probably—most likely because the Mohawk was weak John being a scum, yeah really, he really did look like one in my perspective.

Victor Frankenstein :D I guess things will become funny when famous people are being trolled.

Anyway, I like the progress. Like in FS, it started with a problem, which would lead to the two protagonist to team up. Well, I like them though. There is only one things that bothers me now. I hope that they would properly go to an adventure.

I got some sort of in explained feeling when I read the repeated “that won't bring the girl's life back.” I really like that part. Like in the anime "Princess Principal", Ange denied that she will kill the man by answering the question “Are you going to kill me?” with a monotonic “No, no, no, no.” while shooting the said man repeatedly. A scene where the high school girl encounters different emotions swirling inside her. Quite similar to Astrid.

I was surprised at the name Jack, you know. I read it already in Ming's review but still, it felt different when seeing it firsthand. I am actually planning to use the name “Jack” in another story too, not sure when it will be published though hahaha

- Bert, who caught the [murdered] in a forceful grip.

Good chapter. I am expecting a lot in the next chapter.
lirianstar chapter 1 . 12/27/2018
A mysterious and a spooky start! The beginning gave me 'Claymore' vibes - which I really like. The eerie happenings were captures pretty well - and weres and vamps, huh?

Who is the mysterious girl? And what does she want with the boy? Hmm..a Buffy...or an Angel scenario? xD
Jackyl 2000 chapter 2 . 12/22/2018
Awesome chapter; the sense of dread is done superbly even though this is - for a great deal - an action entry. I think I'll like Astrid and Jack's partnership. I wonder if Astrid is gonna act more flirty with him in an attempt to break his emotionless exterior... not if it would fit the story's tone, but I'm curious none the less.

I very much liked how this arc evolved and can't wait to read more. Keep it up!
Ming the Priceless chapter 2 . 12/20/2018
Yay, we finally get an update on this one! And I loved it - certainly worth the wait!

I think I'm gonna like both Astrid and Jack; it's refreshing to see a more serious pair of protagonists in your tale (til now Barrick and Milia were probably my favorites). I am curious about Astrid's abilities too - seems more than the usual vampires, so it will be fun to see more of it.

I also loved the scene at the end of battle; not because a child died, but Astrid's monologue. It gives this story even more uneasiness than before. You sure did great in setting the atmosphere of this tale.
And I liked the Frankenstein reference :D

Awesome job thus far and I wouldn't mind it becaming a more regular story. Keep going!
demarcationline chapter 1 . 12/5/2018
This first chapter kind of gives me a "Witcher" vibe. I like how collected the Slayer is; it makes it apparent that this is not his first time. The fact that he has a pistol is interesting to note, since none of the bandits had one. I feel that that sort of helps develop the Order as an organization that has some considerable resources, or at least that our Slayer here has some unorthodox methods. That the redhead has a familiar and abominations of some sort exist hints at magic in-setting, but it is kept just out of sight enough to make it seem dark and threatening.
Kurono Kuro chapter 1 . 11/15/2018
I really like the story's theme. There was no humor but it is interesting series. This is progressing in a faster pace than FG, I think, but you have explained how things are doing so there is no problem. In fact, this one's first chapter strucked my interest, I will be coming back for more.

The descriptions are vivid as always, especially on the characters. Their appearances are rather detailed. Redhead girl's first appearance really amazed me. Where did you get that much knowledge of clothes? Even the Mohawk, with this description ans the way he was introduced made me even thought he might be a mysterious yet important character. He was just a bandit though, or is he really important?

The investigation seems pretty legit. I think that the reason why he dropped the pistol and did kill the bandits was because they were not monster?

No problem in this chapter, for me at least. Oh, yeah, about the drunkard, was the reason he appeared was just to open the warded door of the inn or will be appear later on?

I don't know about the original version but certainly, it feels more horrifying when night comes.
Jackyl 2000 chapter 1 . 11/7/2018
It is a bit different than the original, but that latter was rather serious too, so it's cool; in actuality, this kinda reminds me of my own "New Dawn" with the approach to story-telling. I can't exactly tell who of the two is the main character: the female vamp or the Slayer. Not like it matters, but I wonder if you'll be turning a female into the protagonist.

I like how you build up the atmosphere; the forest scene before the Mohawk shows up particularly stuck in my head.

Awesome work; keep going!
Ming the Priceless chapter 1 . 11/1/2018
Ah and we're reaching the point of "Ghost Stories"... I gotta say there's little resemblence to the original: even if the Slayer is named Jack, he seems totally different from the protagonist of the original version. And I sensed there was something unique about the redhead (as with most of your main characters, to be fair), so I wonder how will the dynamic between the two work, as I'm relatively certain they'll be the main pair of the tale.

On the other hand, the redhead feels a bit off compared to the previous female leads... the closest one to her presence is Tula of "Far Out", so I'm even more intrigued as to where do you plan on going with her. But, when all is said and done, she at least has a huge wreck :D

Poe seems cute (you know I have a thing for animals; see Ashram ;)), but he seems relatively uninvolved, so I ponder how will you make him relevent, though I have confidence you will.

The forest part was great; I really liked the Slayer's investigation and the moment he found the psychopath's hideout was very disturbing, which I believe is what you were going for.

Overall this is a great start, even if there is not humor. I think this story is a great addition to your portfolio. Keep it up!