Reviews for When Life Gives You Lemons
icaruswalks chapter 1 . 1/18/2019
hi! did not notice fictionpress cut off 90% of my review and i can't re-do my review so here i am as a guest. i guess ill finish my sentence, im with whoever's POV this is, that was like the hottest thing she could have said. well, not just 'hot', but just a Big Dick Move in general for her to own her bitchiness and she knows that she can spend money like no tomorrow and piss off her guardians who took away her card hahaha. tbh i'm definitely her for our main girl bc cynical, smartass guys kinda rub me off the wrong way with their holier-than-thou, stfu-and-get-away-from-me vibes... but a queen bitch? hell yeah hahaha. i know by their next interaction, the main guy will most likely be telling her off again and trying to deny his attraction and by the time he tells her, the main girl is like "and that's my problem how?" or maybe she'll be on board with it haha, it's her life and if she wants to make lemonade, i applaud her :) i'm guessing that what your title meant...
icaruswalks chapter 1 . 1/14/2019
i'm with the