Reviews for The Blood Bond
noenoway chapter 7 . 1/9/2022
Hi, I really like with the story even I'm not finished yet. But I can feel that you have great writing skill. anyway I want to give you an offer, but may I know your mailing acc? I will be glad that we can talk it at mail. Thanks
desireosiobe chapter 26 . 3/19/2020
I read this story twice because I love it and it's a wonderful story, wish you will bring out the book two soon or later, so much love ya stories...
Amidireth756 chapter 1 . 8/24/2019
This is really good! Keep writing like this.
Cocoa-Pup chapter 25 . 8/17/2019

I was a bit disappointed when I read chapter 24, it felt a little rushed, a lot of things crammed into short amount of text compared to the rest of the story. Reading this chapter however makes up for it, more detail and focus, hope to see more of that!
Cocoa-Pup chapter 23 . 8/3/2019
Hi Giulia,

I started reading today and couldn't stop, what a breathtaking story!
Will be waiting for the next chapter impatiently ;-)

- Cocoa
Dream Plane chapter 14 . 5/30/2019
This story is AMAZING! Please please please continue!
Kerstster chapter 1 . 4/11/2019
I really enjoyed reading the first chapter! and I can't wait to read the others, it really has a very interesting start. :D
Marine94 chapter 1 . 3/5/2019
This is pretty cool I like the story and idea so far keep writing!