Reviews for Love is a Skirmish
Ckh chapter 1 . 7/28/2019
Cute. The contrast between Tanja's stoic dialogue and her inner schoolgirl self is adorkable.

Thumbs up to Miana for being best wingman. (Or is it winggirl) It seems that she's not as single minded as she lets on.

Other than that, the battle scenes were great and I like that we end off on a happy note - for Ardour and Tanja both. I didn't expect that Ardour would be frozen by the lich's attack - I totally expected him to die then.

An excellent short story.
Crimson While Stealing chapter 1 . 5/25/2019
I feel like I'm in this fantasy world full of excitement and fight and fear( your characters are very brave though; I would probably be screaming hysterically if I ever faced this situation!)

Tanja, I completely sympathize with you. I've been having the same unrequited crush for 7 years, at least yours like you back!
Also, Miana, I get that you're a pawn with no feelings but please, do cover up. ;)

Brady, your writing was great, as always! I liked the way you made Tanja jealous Miana but still attempt to save her and the way that Miana, in spite of being a pawn with supposedly no feelings, actually tried to give Tanja a chance to have a moment with the man of her dreams!
Temple Cloud chapter 1 . 5/5/2019
I feel sorry for Miana - she's compelled to be devoted to Andor, but can't have a free, consensual relationship with him. I suppose there's no chance that this is the sort of the game where a Pawn could carve out her own military career (maybe teaming up with a few more Pawn buddies to cover her) and end up as a Queen?

I'm not sure how slaying the undead works - how do they bleed? If they're dead and presumably therefore don't even have a pulse or a circulatory system, would even beheading them or stabbing them in the heart really make a difference?

In one of Lois McMaster Bujold's excellent fantasy novels, Paladin of Souls (sequel to Curse of Chalion, which is one of my favourite fantasy novels), a character discovers that he is undead, and is horrified to realise that someone has been keeping his much-loved brother comatose in order to animate him using his brother's life-force - and, worse, that when HE charges into battle and emerges seemingly without a scratch on him, his wounds are appearing on his brother's body. Up until then, all he had known was that he didn't seem to be able to eat and drink any more - and all his friends had known was that it was cool the way he never seemed to get hot or sweaty or out of breath no matter how hard he exerted himself. I suppose Bujold had created so many disabled heroes in her novels (one with a missing hand from an earlier battle, one with badly-damaged back muscles from the near-fatal flogging he suffered as a galley slave, and one born stunted, brittle-boned and deformed as a result of prenatal poisoning) that a dead hero was the obvious next step.
Jaya Avendel chapter 1 . 3/5/2019
The intensity of the battle was well written, and I love the little bit of flirtation I felt between Tanji and Andor during the fight. The final scene with the Lich was terrifying and triumphant!

May the words flow.
That-One-Weird-Person chapter 1 . 3/4/2019
Nice. I love it. Its well written and you described the events of the battle really well. And I like your characters names as well.
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 1 . 3/4/2019
I can understand why Tanja might have been a little touchy and jealous beforehand but it seemed to work out well in the end! Miana wasn't fighting for Andor's affections; she was just doing as pawns do by serving him.

Needless to say, the description was fabulous, detailing that battle scene between the undead then the Lich. Who knew they could be so creepy, ugh!

Glad to see you back, Brady.
~ Zukafu