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Guest chapter 73 . 10/18
I got a question that I have been wanting to ask. Who created the sky Stone?
and if Avery isn't the sky soul and how come she can use the sky Stone and no one else can?
I think she is the sky soul.
Fall Storm chapter 73 . 10/17
(I'm an alchemist. I'm a human. I'm a slave. I'm a card-shark. I'm a mother. I'm the River-Avery. I'm prime. I'm the Sky Princess.) Love that. I just love that, Because she is all those things and so much more.

I am so so so glad that my earlier theories were wrong.

This was a very intense chapter.

I hope Avery is okay. You had me worried when she was encased in that crystal. And my heart was about to shatter when Roden was trying to get to her. It was a heartbreaking scene that almost made me cry. Good job. She has to be okay. She just has to be. Roden can't lose her, I think he would lose himself right along with her.

Avery's vision crest is coming true. And so did her mother's. In away.

Wow. Just Wow. I don't know what to think. Avery isn't the sky soul? But I think in away she is. Maybe she wasn't supposed to be chosen by the gods, but by her mother, a desperate mother. And Rena was Honest with her. She did say that at 1st she was nothing but a job, But then she fell in love with Avery, and Rena became her friend, her sister, her mother.

I'm a little pissed that it was Rena's fault that Tao was killed. But It does make a lot of sense. And I know River was desperate, but how could she do that to her own daughter, her baby? By the ancestors, Avery had it bad from the very beginning. How will Avery deal with this new revelation? I'm worried that she might try to run away from it, or try to deny it even though it's true.

I am wondering though, was River crying over her supposed dead baby, or because they supposedly lost the sky soul?

And It makes a lot of sense why the old woman in that village thought that Avery was dead because Rena made her believe it.

As always, can't wait for more.
Your fan.
Guest chapter 72 . 10/11
Someone please, save Avery! I need more
Fall Storm chapter 72 . 10/10
Ah! I knew that the Alchemyst was trying to help them! I called it! Ah!

Damn. What a incredibly intense couple of chapters. For some reason I really like chapter 72. The descriptions really painted a picture in my head. And the description with Avery's hair floating and reflecting light in the water. I really like that part. And the way that you wrote chapter 72, it made it feel like it was like Avery talking to us. I don't know if that's what you were going for but that's what I read off of it.

The power that hazel has now is bad ass! Love it! You had me worried there for a bit. It's a good thing that Skye took the potion when he did. Because if he hadn't he would probably be dead. Then I would be very very upset. Lol. No, seriously, Skye is one of my favorite characters.

I am extremely curious who was making Avery see the images of the cabin. I have a few suspicions but I'm not quite sure. But I sincerely hope that I am wrong. I really really don't want to be right. I have three people in mind who it could be. One, I wouldn't be too surprised. But it's the other too that I'm expecting it to be that I'm hoping that I'm wrong about.

The first person I think it is Safira. Which would not surprise me at all if she's still alive. Sense her death is here say, We didn't really actually see her die.

The second. I know it's a bit of a over stretch, and its very likely that I'm wrong about it. But Adelyn. I know, not likely. And if so, I hope I am very very wrong. Because I think that betrayal would be too deep and scarring, Not even Avery could heal from.

And finally the 3rd and final person I think it is. Again, bit of a over stretch, And probably not likely. But Rena. I don't really know why I expect it's Rena. But Rena didn't have strong power. That we knew of. But I don't really expect that it's her. I hope. Again the betrayal would be to deep into scarring for Avery to come back from. And she was killed, well not tentely, killed by the curse.

To be honest it'd be either one of the three that I mentioned and it would still be a shock. But it's most likely Sarck or Safira.

And I so want a beautiful moment between Avery and Roden. I so want him to wake her up from the spell. Then I want him to scoop her up in his arms and fly her into the sunset to they're happy ever after. What I'm trying to say is that I hope that everything turns out alright In the end of this. And I really hope that Avery and Roden have they're happy ending with their daughter. For the love of the ancestors, they deserve happiness. Lol.

As always, can't wait for more.
Your fan. Hugs.
Guest chapter 70 . 10/8
I need more
Moonlight chapter 70 . 10/6
Someone! Please! Avery!
Fall Storm chapter 70 . 10/3

I knew it was Dreysus the moment that he said that he worked with Avery on a portion.

I think Dreysus has a plan. That's why he didn't let the sapian kill them. And if Pike calmed down and think for a moment he would realize that. Though, Pike has always been kind of a hot head, but I gotta say, Pike is kind of growing on me. Though, I've always liked Pike. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. But he wants to protect Avery, even when she didn't choose him. Even though i expect that he still bitter about that part.

Dreysus said that their valuable, because he knew that they would be taken to the lab, precisely where Avery is. If she's not already back in the cabin, which I'm already expecting that at this point. I know that Sarlac won't kill her, because then he wouldn't wanna look for another sky soul. But the only place other than the lab that she would be with most likely be the cabin. Because he's just that kind of villain that would lock her away again.

Man! I don't care who it is at this point! Just someone save Avery! Pike, her prime pack, Roden, just someone! Fridging save Avery!

As always. Can't wait for more.
Moonlight chapter 69 . 10/2
Guest chapter 69 . 9/28
Love this.
Fall Storm chapter 69 . 9/26
I love the name Sequoia.

I can see why you had so much trouble with this. If it means anything I think it's really really good. It was both tense exciting and surprising.

I mean at first when the humans was forced to stand on the wall I was extremely tense and worried. I was thinking. (No. Don't do it. Hayden, don't give the order. You fought so hard to save humans don't kill them now.) But what Tobias did was extremely surprising and brave. Although, I had a feeling that Tobias was going to do something. And I just love the speech that he gave.

I sincerely hope that Tobias killed the son of a bitch.

And I just love how you keep putting in what Avery said once. (Never turn your back on someone who has nothing else to lose.) That is so true.

The past when the sapiens was killing the humans was heartbreaking. Especially when it came to the children. But it was well done. And I like the fact that the part wasn't too graphic. I also notice that you keep putting Lilly in. Is she going to be another adoptive daughter by Avery and Roden I wonder?

Tobias Has a lot to answer for. He did betray them. But it was to save his mate. So I think Avery would understand. I was actually surprised that Roden saved him. Even though I knew what Roden was thinking. Tobias would know if Avery was dead or not.

And I also have an idea where the collectors took Avery. More feeling really. I think they took her back to the cabin. If so, then Roden should know what to do.

You said when you rewrite the series you want to do something with the magic. I have an idea that you may be interested in. What if when someone uses magic too much or certain magics, it crosss for a sacrifice? They get hired easily or they have to sacrifice half their life. Or take Niamh's fire for instance. If she uses too much than it leave stars behind? Just an idea that I wanted to throw at you.
Guest chapter 68 . 9/24
I'm really really really worried about Avaey
Fall Storm chapter 68 . 8/26
Man. Now I'm going to have to wait.

Love Skye's Sense of humor. Lol. This chapter is actually intense. I don't know why, Maybe it's tense because we know what's to come. Man. I hope Avery is ok. I'm losing sleep. I need to know.

As always. Can't wait for more.
Fall Storm chapter 67 . 8/9
Man! I've been looking forward to this all day! And this chapter did not at all disappoint. And Avery better not die. She better not.

Sarlac is the sorcerer-king!? Holy spirit of fuck! I thought it was Tobia's Mate or Safira! But it was Sarlac! Holy shit! Thinking back the way Sarlac looked at Avery. By the ancestors! It all makes sense now. The way he looked at her when she first met him, I knew that the sorcerer-king had to be someone close to Avery, But I never expected that the sorcerer-king was Sarlac.

Personally I like that the fact Sarlac is the sorcerer-king, Because the character had such a small part we didn't see it coming. You had us guessing around in circles pointing fingers (so to speak) at Safira. Safira had the actions, and the way she would look at Avery that made me, the reader go (oh she is so the sorcerer-king) you made us believe she was the one who was after Avery, but it Sarlac. I love books that I don't see twist coming, so good job with that. And Sarlac being the sorcerer-king is a twist that I didn't see coming.

And Damn it! Why didn't I see it before?! That's why Addy was killed because of her power. He was afraid of her power! I kinda sort of feel betrayed because I didn't see that coming, good job. Lol.

And the curse is coming back in Avery. Great, I don't know what's worse, her being trapped in the cabin again or being taken by the curse. Avery better not die, if she' dies your going to have a very pissed off reader. She's been through hell, she deserves to live with her mate and her daughter. Just saying. I think if Avery died I would cry, no joke, I would burst into tears.

Like always, can't wait for more. Avery better not die.
Zephomix chapter 66 . 7/13
Thank you so much for all the reviews and feedback! You are literally getting the chapters as I write them, so I'm sorry if they're a bit rough. I'm really struggling and some things might not make sense as I realise now that I've done a poor job of setting them up earlier in the story. All advice tells me to stop and go back and rework the story, but I don't want to do that to you. I'm committed to finishing as it is, so thank you for your patience.

AND every time you post a review or send a message I'm spurred into action and inspired to keep pushing. Knowing you're out there, and committed to the story, is the only thing keeping this thing alive. So THANK YOU!
Guest chapter 66 . 7/12
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