Reviews for Psybellum
resting-in-daisies chapter 11 . 9/6
I like this story! I'm always a fan of the Civil War period and I like how you write the friendship between Mariette and Delaney, and reading about the fairytale life of being a wealthy Southern belle. I'm worried about Thomas, he may have to go to war. I'm also worried about the servants, especially those mistreated by Mack. I'm glad that Mariette thinks slavery is wrong as an institution yet doesn't know any other way of life, but she sees the servants as her friends.

Is there a way that Mariette's special ability could serve in the plot? It's part of what she is and what they talk about, but I'd like to see it as something that serves in the plotline rather than just the fact she has this 'Gift' and the family keeps it secret. Can she help the servants? Can she do something to keep Thomas from having to fight and die in the war? Anything that would move the plot forward and develop some kind of conflict or action.
TheNoseKnows chapter 1 . 4/26/2019
Interesting concept! Never heard of a story about telekinetic people during this time period. There are a few grammar errors here and there, but nothing that impacts the flow of the story too much. I love the few cheesy romance lines here and there, they make it very cute to read! Thank you for following and reviewing my story. :))