Reviews for The Brave Tin Soldiers Fall
Darth Zannacross chapter 55 . 11/22/2020
Well, that hostage situation did not quite go down how I expected, thank er, Death for everyone having precautions about glowing people? I mean I guess its natural to be cautions if the other person suddenly goes Super Sayian and wrecks you in the blink of a eye.

Well, we will see if Halianeyu's trip to being unconscious will lead to a last stop in death, depends on who is calling the shots I suppose.
Darth Zannacross chapter 54 . 11/19/2020
Oh my, QUITE a lot of incompetence today.

Damn, these guys are starting to make Team Rocket look competent...Meowth that's right.

Well, we have one royal on the verge of dishing out some death and another royal that seems to be on the verge of death, things are getting messy.
Darth Zannacross chapter 53 . 11/17/2020
Man the reapers are looking rather pathetic today, soon Thanos is just going to stop by and Thanos snap everyone to dust for making Death look bad if Riyome keeps making this look like a Loony Toons episode lol.

On top of that Kiroshnoy looks like she's going to make things even worst, ugh.

Somehow with the state of things its nearly like Riyome and Death are going to argue in a episode of Jerry Springier at this point...guess we will see how this mess spirals out of control even more.
Darth Zannacross chapter 52 . 11/14/2020
Damn...Losradan runs a rather sloppy shift, we will see if this costs her as things start piling up, oy.

Damn, incompetence is ripe all around this empire, good for Zafadin, bad for anyone that depends on that security, doh.

Well, we will see if Nimetah can rebound in time to pull things off...we will see.
Darth Zannacross chapter 51 . 11/11/2020
I don't know...splitting up nearly always leads to painful deaths unless you have main character plot armor.

Still, when your plotting a prison break from death itself, can't leave anything to chance...unless Fate itself has your back I guess.

Well, we will see if hair dye is enough to pull this plot off.
Darth Zannacross chapter 50 . 11/8/2020
Sounds like the Fishermen had the worst day, damn. Well, luckily carrying a corpse around won't turn you into a zombie...or will it? Only one way to find out.
Darth Zannacross chapter 49 . 11/6/2020
Damn, and I thought the Death Note was carelessly given away in that series, this reaper's about to be fired for how easy it is for her things to be nabbed, though Riyome found out the hard way she misjudged there worth, though lucky for her Varan can't just summon it back like a Keyblade, for now.

But, seems like Rualnim is the one in real trouble...maybe...depends on where this goes. Well, chaos is bound to erupt, we will see who is harmed more from this chaos soon enough.
Darth Zannacross chapter 48 . 11/4/2020
Hey again, figured I'd try and catch up a bit so lets see how this escape is going.

And we return to the embodiment of Death VS A mirror, with the mirror winning the round...I want to know who made that mirror.

Ah, after all this still all the gossiping...oh gossipers you do so suck, I suppose if these Assassins do get there they might have bigger trouble to worry about but at this rate they might end up killing each other at this point, good greif.

Damn, looks like we might have bigger problems by the end of this...more zombie problems? Only one way to find out.
Guest chapter 66 . 10/29/2020
Keep up this wonderful story! This chapter was humorous in the right dose - Hailanyu and K, the "music" and Gialma...

When will we get more of Lethil and Linyie with Death?
Darth Zannacross chapter 47 . 6/11/2020
Damn, did not realize we were at the end of the road but here we are.

Death cracks down hard on Riyome, but as Exdeath knows to well most crumble before the wrath of the void, even if we don't get to many answers, doh.

The Capital city was never quite eh? Guess they have not had a plague lock-down in a while...hahah, arg.

So, are Assassins are about to at last get to the meat of things be continued.

Are Emperor did not even show up for the final chapter of this, curious how long till we get to the point in the prologue, guess we will see.

As a whole, the story progressed in some ways even if its not the ways I expected as a long of issues are still not resolved. Still a fun ride, and best of luck getting to the next part, till then keep up the great work and till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 46 . 6/9/2020
Man I would want a refund on that hair dye, hope they had the receipt.

Well, things seem to be leading to something intense, depends on if they get lose on the way there, guess we will see soon.
Darth Zannacross chapter 45 . 6/8/2020
Damn, always a pain when zombie cats get out of the bag, but Varan is trying to make the best of things. Wonder what the royals will do now that they know about the reaper's antics.
Darth Zannacross chapter 44 . 6/4/2020
And indeed, things keep happening , magical girls trying to get a grasp on what's the biggest threat is. Meanwhile, Death and Varan are having things a bit strained as the boundaries between life and death keep getting more and more unstable.

We will see if this twist with Varan makes things even more messy, only one way to find out.
Darth Zannacross chapter 43 . 5/29/2020
Things are sure starting to happen all right,the dead are plotting there revolution it seems, not sure if Death will let that slide.

And now we have a zombie invasion, these imperial guards need more rocket launchers.

Well, lets see if Death can do something about this.
Darth Zannacross chapter 42 . 5/27/2020
Well, she was already with assassins but it seems things are heading in a rather dire direction for Kiroshnoy, unless she winks them out of existence, we will see.

Lol, you think Death would know a lot about babies with how old she is but I guess killing babies and raising them are two different matters.

She better get a grasp on her own children, they seem to be swarming all over at this point, should be a wild ride to see how Varan and Gialma handle this.
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