Reviews for Yelysaveta Book 2
Guest chapter 121 . 6/18
Thank you Kathy. You are amazing!
Liane Kennedy chapter 121 . 6/14
sssarawolf6 chapter 121 . 6/13
Big thanks for the chapters, I was just bemoaning the fact this morning about not having more of one of your great stories to read lol.
sssarawolf6 chapter 119 . 6/13
Thank you.
sssarawolf6 chapter 117 . 6/13
sssarawolf6 chapter 116 . 6/13
Very good, gads she again got stuck with the rotten end of the stick.
ydderf chapter 114 . 5/31
Well done, many thanks.I've no idea where you are going with this story but I do have a suggestion. What if Veta and Vit ended in/on an island off the Alaska pan handle due to perhaps international hostilities forcing them to removed from duties. Something I learned the other day is because of the 180th parallel separating east from west Alaska has both the furthest east and the furthest west point in the Continental US, both in the Aleutian islands.
Guest chapter 113 . 5/28
I’ve had tears in my eyes for the last few chapters. You truly bring Veta and Vit to life. Thank you for sharing this story.
Liane Kennedy chapter 113 . 5/28
It is certainly one heck of a world tour. Thanks for taking us on it.

faif2d chapter 114 . 5/29
You are becoming a master at tangled webs. Thank you once again!
sssarawolf6 chapter 114 . 5/28
Thank you, very good read per normal, In fact I loved seeing more up lol We have been putting the siding on the deck room today. We worked until after 8 PM.
sssarawolf6 chapter 110 . 5/28
Thank you, poor Veta, so many lessons she really doesn't need.
Siskiyoumom chapter 113 . 5/28
Thank you! I was startled by the formatting woes when I tried reading your story earlier. Glad you were able to fix them. Be well!
Liane Kennedy chapter 107 . 5/28
Kathy - there is a formatting issue with this chapter. Look forward to reading it.
Blueyes57 chapter 110 . 5/28
Okay I've held my peace on the "Vit" thing. The man is a grade A jackass and I don't believe for one minute that its his " upbringing or culture" to act like that. The constant kow-towing down to that man is really starting turn me off. The world apparently revolves around this ya-hoo. Veta has feelings too. What a moron. Oh and then he'll get contrite and she'll get over it and say its okay. Seems like emotional abuse to me. I can see trying make things easy for your husband ( we all try to do that) but somebody needs to give that man a "Come to Jesus" meeting big time
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