Reviews for I'm Sorry
Ckh chapter 1 . 7/31/2019
"I am sorry" - after reading the whole poem, this line just seems sad. Nothing can repair a broken friendship; the cracks will always remain. But being friends means being able to tolerate these cracks, to remain friends in spite of them. Some, however, are unable to do so. That's okay. Life goes on, with or without regrets.

Your poem simply flowed - taken from your own words. Though all your stanzas begin with 'sorry', I don't think that the repetition damaged the flow of your poem. Repetition is not inherently bad. If anything, it built upon the self admonishing tone of the poem. Everything here just feels brutally honest, unforgivingly so. I hope that you made peace with your regrets.

If we're analyzing your imagery critically, I don't think your images stood out. They are good, but they feel rather generic; icy stares, wishing for more time, etc. So-so imagery doesn't take away the emotive aspect of the poem though. I still really like this poem.

At the end of the day, imagery is only used to evoke emotion, and you have already evoked plenty of emotion through your authentic words alone. A beautiful poem. I wish all the best for you.