Reviews for TSOS-Draw
Aviantei chapter 1 . 6/29/2019
So...I’mma gonna have to object to you calling this piece garbage, because there’s a lot of good stuff in here. We have your usual awesome poetic diction showing off some human creative struggles in ways that bring out various takes on the prompt.

I very much like the voice blending throughout the piece too, so excellent work there.

Rest assured that you have made your mark! Hoping to see what else you grace us with this summer
Chronic Guardian chapter 1 . 6/25/2019
Hmmm... The first thing that comes to mind for this piece is "idolatry". Like, Marcus builds his life on an altar of his own work. It's an interesting and solitary concept that works well for a quick scene like this, but it leaves me wanting to see more of Marcus and the threads holding him together in this life. And maybe that's intentional, because I'm essentially reacting to the absence of human contact here. I want to believe there's more to his life, but one of the points of the story is that this is all he has. This is his world. And no matter how much he feeds it and sacrifices himself to it, it will never fully satisfy nor be satisfied.

I like this take because it plays literary algebra and isolates one aspect of life away from the many others we take for granted. It takes art and says "If that was all you had, would it really be enough?" It's an intense, earnest question, and one that brings questions of focus and fulfillment to the surface. What are we giving our lives to and why? Important thoughts, to be sure.

While you were pressed for time on this one, you still manage to be thought provoking and poetic in your execution. Well done, Nix! And thank you for joining us for another year of TSoS.

To many more,
EeveeGen9988 chapter 1 . 6/22/2019
Hello, poeticlandmermaid.

I gotta say, despite how short it is, there was quite the impact I felt from reading it. :D

Being concise in this story was something that I think truly made me focus on the emotions and read the lines more carefully, and I loved that because I could feel Marcus' frustration through his short tempered and jarring thoughts, which really accentuated how much concentration he's been using for his drawing and not his health. I could almost feel myself in Marcus' shoes, and I actually related to what he's experiencing in your story. Just the thought of getting something perfect, not open to accepting any imperfections and the stress of going through that is similar to what I've been going through lately. *rubs back of neck* 3

You did an excellent job, poeticlandmermaid. I like how you wanted to center Draw on Hebrews 10, and I think you did a fantastic job personifying that from the Bible Gateway.

Keep up the great work,
- EeveeGen9988