Reviews for Up On Hartford Ridge
sssarawolf6 chapter 73 . 9/18
Thank you :)
sssarawolf6 chapter 72 . 9/18
Many Thanks. Sidewalk is poured, dried and finished here.
Blueyes57 chapter 92 . 9/18
wow big changes. thanks for all the chapters!
sssarawolf6 chapter 90 . 9/18
OK, :) I skipped from the chapters I had read before to the new ones. I will go back and reread the others you put up. Thank you.
Guest chapter 90 . 9/18
Wow going good thanks Kathy
bruce2288 chapter 90 . 9/18
Thank you. this is one of your best and Iv'e read them all about three times
Guest chapter 90 . 9/18
wowie, i didn't expect that left turn. i totally emphathise with kay-lee though. i ended up w/ 2 extra kiddos because of a mental illness/safety issue and it gets darn hard some days.
Charli Beyma chapter 72 . 9/17
I think a chapter is missing here. The fight scene with Sawyer's brother in law.
Blueyes57 chapter 90 . 9/18
Things slowly getting back to normal. Good. And what is this ration points thing? When did that happen? boy howdy that has to hurt some saving your points.
Blueyes57 chapter 89 . 9/18
If Riss isn't getting the help then they gotta do what they gotta do
Blueyes57 chapter 88 . 9/18
I don't like that sound of that "mountain compound" that guy has built. Don't sound right and definitely something to keep an eye on
Blueyes57 chapter 86 . 9/18
Changes and changes and all this legal stuff. oof!
Blueyes57 chapter 84 . 9/18
84 and 85 are the same chapter hon lol just a heads up again
Nancy1340 chapter 90 . 9/18
Awwww all caught up with happenings on the Ridge.

Thanks so much Kathy. Hope you and your family are well.
Guest chapter 89 . 9/17
Thank you so much!
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