Reviews for Up On Hartford Ridge
DanaMc chapter 63 . 1/24
Thank you. ! Do love this story, so nice to see it continuing. Adore the depth and detail you bring to your stories.
Siskiyoumom chapter 63 . 1/23
I love reading this story of makedo and working hard! Thank you!
Nancy1340 chapter 63 . 1/23
Thanks Kathy.

I have to watch it or I start reading to fast. Like I am afraid it's going to disappear if I don't "get it". LOL
DanaMc chapter 60 . 11/17/2019
Love the Hartford Ridge crew hope to see more 'soon as you get time... get time' well that's a joke for us all this time of year. Take care, you bring so much joy.
LakeLili chapter 60 . 10/17/2019
LakeLili chapter 57 . 10/11/2019
Thanks! ... appreciate all the chapters!
notyoung chapter 54 . 10/10/2019
Please come back and add in working links to the recipes.
Chupang chapter 51 . 10/1/2019
I miss the links,love the story!
LakeLili chapter 51 . 10/1/2019
Thanks... been a victim of plums myself... so worth it though...
notyoung chapter 51 . 10/1/2019
Like the story. Disappointed that this format doesn't provide a way to copy recipes.
Cassandra Stryffe chapter 48 . 9/21/2019
The end snuck up on me! Thank you Momma Hen for the update!
LakeLili chapter 48 . 9/19/2019
LakeLili chapter 45 . 9/13/2019
Oooohhh... Cliff's come for a visit! MOAR please!
Angela Kirby1 chapter 17 . 9/7/2019
god, I love how these two interact. basically an arranged marriage, but they're both so desperate to make it work and you get to see how well they actually are suited to eachother. this is the kind of romance novel you don't find every day.
Gwynmael chapter 42 . 9/7/2019
Aaaah, thank you. And phooey, I'm all caught up again.
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