Reviews for Last Request
Mislav chapter 1 . 1/11
Pretty interesting and thought-provoking story. You captured the protagonist's state of mind and view of the world pretty well. No amount of technology, intelligence nor experience can help you once you run out of necessary but finite resources; universe-wide, no less. Even hoarding will only get you so far. Unfortunately, people don't realize that until it is too late. In the end, the only way to survive is to "slip into the void". And even that doesn't last forever. My favorite part was: "I slip gracefully into the void. While you, my enemies, will feast upon my eons of plunder, I know your own appetites will remain unsated. I will slumber on my meager stores for eons, until the universe grows ever colder, when my stores will last for a bit longer. Then, once I have used half, I will return to sleep until the temperature drops. This way, I will asymptomatically approach eternity, even as my stores die.

You will join me, whether after a blaze of glory or a pathetic whimper. I know after this fight, you will turn on each other like the prisoners of zero-sum philosophy you are. Some of you will join me before the others. So, why not make it easy on the rest of us, and leave this universe on my plundered hoard now? The entities you used to be will thank you in the end."

Keep up the great work. This was a pretty bleak but believable and intriguing take on a distant, technologically advanced future.