Reviews for My Response To: Adults Who Like Disney Need To Grow Up
J25TheArcKing chapter 1 . 7/5/2019
You got some good points there by the way.

I hate double standards and stereotypes. Why the heck is it ok for adults to like milkshakes, candy, chocolate and play video games, but watching cartoons and liking kids stuff is wrong? Unbelievable...
I even hate this cartoon stigma where they say cartoons are for babies and kids only.
But adult shows like South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons and adult cartoons is acceptable to watch.

Sorry to pull this out. In my past I saw a 10 or 12 year old saying he never watches cartoons at all, especially in his childhood, because he thinks its for babies. Sounds rare, strange and boring to me. Just Saiyan... What the heck?
Another 10 year old says cartoons are for babies. What the heck? Are you kidding me? You prefer 13 and 17 shows and movies over that. Seriously?
I'm not forcing people to watch Disney or cartoons, but what I'm saying is please don't label, stereotype and judge people for liking Disney and cartoons.

I find it strange how I went to watch How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World in theaters on the 2nd day (the 1st day the movie got released) and the theater was very less people watching it just about 10 or 14 people, only kids and parents were watching it and I was the only lone wolf watching it by myself. I expect it to be crowded on a Saturday.
Maybe the popular big theaters in the cities the room will be very crowded? Because I watch it in the nearest mall.
Why the heck is the internet so into How to Train Your Dragon, animation and cartoons, the YouTube videos had millions of views and other websites had positive comments, interests to talk about this topic. There's a lot of people in the internet that like cartoons!
But in real life, its very less people that are into that stuff, and its empty like what the heck?

When I got shopping on a video store, the Disney and cartoon section is so empty, only parents and kids are in that section. Except for me, because I like animation. Such a lone wolf I am... I'm like the only one.

Some of these Disney movies are based on these fairy tales which are dark. Even though Disney did a bit of changes to these films.
Disney movies have morals and life lessons to learn that you can relate in real life.
Adults make cartoons and its a lot of hard work. Animation is hard work, because you need the sound effects, music, lighting effects, voice overs, graphics, frame rate, storylines, etc... Very difficult.

Yeah Disneyland is very fun and I've been there, especially Universal Studios. Such childhood memories.

I don’t like: Alien vs Hunter, The Asylum productions mockbusters' movies, Knuckles the Echidna, Whiplash movie, horror movies.
But you don't see me judging people for liking the stuff I don't like, I respect them especially my family and friends and allies and fans.

I hate: Mark David Chapman, Westboro Baptist Church, the holocaust, murderers, the KKK, thieves, computer viruses, labels, evil etc...
Hate is a strong word, but I'm using it right.

If she or the people don't want to watch animation, well that's their loss.
Who cares, its all about yourself. Stand out of the crowd.

Good work on this essay.