Reviews for Deeper South
Mislav chapter 1 . 9/13/2019
Really intense and exciting story. I especially liked the way you captured the protagonist's personality and beliefs, and the background you provided for him. I also appreciated historical accuracy, and the doctor's comments about savage medical procedures. The final showdown was gory, but it worked very well. My favorite part was: "It was with perverse pride I savored their terror. I knew of their lynchings, their murders, and their midnight rides. It was with a long-suppressed sadism that I watched them die like vermin in my maze. There were three left, and I was not yet done. The best was yet to come.

It was with another murder-hole in the wall that I delivered my next attack. I took my father's shotgun, with which he'd ended slave-catchers and bounty-hunters, and loaded it with broken glass and buckshot. Once they were at point blank range, I gave them both barrels. The weapon thundered like a cannon in those close quarters, deafening me. When the smoke cleared, none of them were standing. Cautiously, I watched for breathing.

Much to my surprise, one was still breathing. The broken glass was undoubtedly traveling through his bloodstream, preventing his wounds from closing. Like a thousand tiny knives, he was being ripped apart from within. I regretted that he would not survive long enough for the wounds to become infected. That would have been an agonizing death worthy of a Klansman." The last line is the killer. Keep up an excellent work.
Mr. Raleigh D chapter 1 . 8/17/2019
I actually like this story, like a lot! This story brought the historical buff in me! I mean yes, this is coming from a guy who wrote that the Klan have superpowers to transform into dragons while being hunted down by an organization designed to fight monsters lol. I know, I'm a monster and a historical murderer LMFAO!

Nice reference to William T. Sherman, the guy who burned down my hometown LOL during the Civil War on his way down south to Savannah. So I am guessing this story took place somewhere in the Piedmont region? Could be...or somewhere around Newton County.

Despite all of that, this story gave me mad Free State of Jones vibes.

Anyway, I really enjoy this story! Nice Job! :)