Reviews for The Coriolis Whiplast
Mislav chapter 1 . 1/4
Pretty fun, intense and action-packed story. I like the idea of growing bioengineered plants in microgravity, though it is kind of scary to think that we may reach that point in the future. I liked the explanation as to why Sean was allowed a free trip around the spaceship. When that red-haired woman first appeared, I expected her to be an assassin, rather than a would-be victim. Always a good idea to raid a security station for weapons. Smart choice to make sure the shrapnels and debris kill the target, if you can't get a clean shot at him. Nice touch with that being pieces of large, bioengineered tree too. Sean sure was clever and experienced, and a quick thinker too. I'm glad that he survived. My favorite part was: "Sean figured the sniper was no baseline human, or if he was, had some high-grade tactical robotics backing him up. No one could shoot like that, given all the variables. His own IX-9 was the less impressive weapon, with its sole gimmick being a laser rangefinder that enabled it to always ensure consistent kinetic energy on a target, regardless of range. He set his to deliver maximum energy, so that it would pulverize anyone it hit.

Sean timed the gaps between his opponent's shots and realized something. His opponent shot and ran, as consecutive shots increased the likelihood of detection. He did not need to pick his opponent's position out from the trees, but merely hit something close enough. The branches and bark would act as shrapnel, given the energy his IX-9 put out. He braced the rifle against a genetically modified redwood, and he waited.

Sure enough, Sean saw the contrails of another smart gyrok. He estimated the bearing of his foe, which was consistent with his earlier estimates. The enemy did not yet know he was armed. As he calculated his foe's probable position, he pulled the trigger as the gyrok closed in. If he was lucky, the spin of the habitat would deliver his slug into his opponent's location. He took cover, since he knew this was his only chance. The explosion blossomed around him, even as he dove for cover.

Sean woke up in a hospital bed, with excited doctors cheering around him. They explained they'd found him barely clinging to life, but his opponent was far worse. The other sniper, apparently, was a feared cyborg assassin hired to kill the woman he'd met earlier, who was an incognito celebrity from Earth. The other sniper correctly determined him to be the greater threat, but failed to account for his quick thinking. That was the second assassination attempt he foiled. He hoped not to run into a third."

Keep up the great work. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.