Reviews for Shifting In
LDF chapter 1 . 8/7/2019
[Bugs are usually hive mind idiots I grow bored of.]

What bugs was the narrator thinking of? Most of them don't even fall into this category - for example, ants are very similar to us in a lot of ways when it comes to social structure.

[By some strange skillset I don't understand, reptiles always know immediately I'm not one of them, and after too many close calls with coiling snakes and snapping turtles, I've learned to avoid them altogether.]

That's really not how that works. Reptiles are mostly solitary animals, so the narrator wouldn't have had a problem with this at all. I mean, the first example listed makes a lot more sense, as the school of fishes knew immediately that this outlier wasn't one of them, and I can't imagine bees being okay with one among their own number not sticking to an assigned class.