Reviews for Food Chain
Mislav chapter 1 . 9/13/2019
Pretty fun, interesting and creepy story. You provided lots of backstory and built up quite an interesting lore in under 1k words. I had fun reading it. I especially liked the part where the ghouls were classified as "souls tainted by gluttony and hunger. Diseases of the body, mind, and spirit caused those afflicted to rise once more, as to consume the dead and spread their filth." It reminded me of the Slavic myths about vampires. Go Purifiers! I especially liked this part: "The Purifiers lived, fought, and died in the shadows, but Dirge scarcely knew of their existence. Just as the inhabitants would ignore the beggars and blighted, the Purifiers maintained their endless vigil. Just as death brought prosperity to those living in Dirge, so to did it bring the parasites that fed on them. Just as the body battled infection, so did the Purifiers annihilate the ghouls. Thus, even the undead came to fear the living. While they fed, they could not escape the food chain." Keep up an excellent work. I very much enjoy reading your stories.
LDF chapter 1 . 9/3/2019
[Summary: In the macabre city of Dirge, the necrophagic undead fear what feeds on them.]

Not sure if what follows after this is also part of the summary. It reads like one and it is very off putting. Show your setting through your characters and their interactions with the world.